Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nike Lunarspeed Lite+ Review

I think I may have found my new training shoe.  I had been having a lot of foot pain recently.  It was everywhere in my foot and I couldn't seem to pinpoint it to one issue.  I got a new pair of shoes to try out and it improved the condition of my foot drastically!  It isn't a miracle cure, and my foot still hurts in the morning, but less so than before.  This new shoe is... the Nike Lunarspeed Lite+!

Retail Price: $110
Weight: 7.8 oz
Heel Drop: 28 to 18: 10mm

The Lunarspeed Lite+ has been classified anywhere from a marathon flat to a road racing flat to a lightweight trainer.  I have used it as a lightweight trainer and once for a longer track workout.  I found that it was good for the distances and speeds I was using it but I wouldn't recommend it much for shorter intervals.  When your leg speed is as bad as mine you need all the help you can get on the fast stuff!  On the regular runs, it is very comfortable, and fairly responsive.  I have a fairly neutral stride with just a little bit of pronation and this shoe works well for me.  It has the Dynamic Support on the midsole and the Lunarlon cushioning.  The upper is fairly light and breathable but still very strong and provides good lockdown. 

Fit:  It fits pretty true to size but if you have wide or tall feet you might feel a bit crunched in the toe box.  You may want to get a half size up.  I got my usual size and it works but feels a bit compressed at times.  The arch is pretty typical, not too high or non-existent.  Just an average arch.  The heel is about perfect but if you wear too low of socks it can rub the back of your heel.  I forget this sometimes wearing Nike Frees.

Look:  These shoes have the typical 2012 Nike look.  In my opinion, that look is very synthetic with lots of plastic like features and bright colors.  I especially like them because they are basically my school colors.

Durability:  This shoe isn't designed to last forever and I don't think that I will push it to the limits like my Frees. After about 70 miles, the tread is starting to wear.  I suspect that the upper will have no problems but the midsole will compress like a pretty typical foam midsole.