Monday, August 12, 2013

Need for Speed- 8/12-8/18

Now comes the inevitable time in my training where I am fit enough that I won't get too much faster without doing something a little different.   There's only so much that limited amounts of slow distance runs can do for you.  If I was running a lot more than I am then I wouldn't be too worried about it.  I am hoping to get in a few speed workouts this week.  First, a relatively informal fartlek on Monday morning and second, a formal track workout on Thursday morning.  I decided last week that I would be switching to minutes instead of miles.  My goal for minutes this week is 540.  540/7 is 77 and /8 is 67.  A majority of my runs fall somewhere between 7 and 8 minutes per mile so my mileage is probably going to be somewhere in there if I hit my weekly minutes goal.

8/12- I ran 51 minutes this morning with 6 of the aforementioned fartlek intervals as well as 6 footbridge ramps as a artificial hill.  The intervals were all short and relatively intense.  Those are alright in getting me ready for a road 5k but to train for a mountain run and an 8k xc race I will need to do longer stuff too.  It was a solid effort to get the legs moving.

It was extra windy when I got off work so I elected to eat and then run a bit later.  Usually a dangerous decision but I didn't eat much as I am trying to get down to 150 lbs and had the run in mind.  It started off poorly but I kept at it and it ended up being a solid 44 minutes.

Weekly total: 95 minutes

8/13- Struggled to get out of bed but did on my final alarm.  It is so hard to get out of bed when it is still dark out.  Air was cold and never really warmed up this morning, fall is coming.  Ran for 57 minutes, nothing otherwise notable about this run.

152 minutes after 2 days

note: was feeling a little sick and worn down so I didn't do an afternoon run on 8/13 or a morning run on 8/14.

8/14- Despite my little sickness my trail run felt awesome today.  I felt strong and light.  I am already looking forward to Silent Trails in October on these same trails.  Sent my registration in today.  73 minutes on the day.

225 after 3 days.

8/15- Had planned a 400 workout for today but delayed that due to my sickness.  My only run is in the morning today and I never feel good when I have a cold in the morning.  I ended up running all over Laramie at an easy to moderate pace.  71 minutes today.

296 after 4 days.  I need to average 80+ minutes for the next 3 days to hit my goal.  Tomorrow will be a single day but Saturday and Sunday will probably be doubles.

8/16- Today was a good day.  No work until later so I got in a nice long run.  I was kind of getting tired of running in Laramie and didn't know where to go so I went up to the prairie east of town.  I found a new single track that I hadn't run before.  It took me over to near where the eastern most exit for I80 is.  Along the way I saw a cow moose, a pack of coyotes, a few antelope and numerous birds.  It ended up being an 81 minute run.  I would guess that the last 4.5-5 miles were at 6:15-20 pace.  It was downhill a bit and I was nice and warmed up.

377 minutes after todays run.  Double on Saturday and a long run on Sunday should help me reach my weekly goal!

8/17- Took a similar route as yesterday with a few variations.  The prairie is home to never ending surprises.  Added on a bit in town to get to 93 minutes.  This will be considered my long run for the week even if I run something similar tomorrow.  I'm also hoping to take the new (to me) road bike out for a spin tomorrow so I will get in a good workout!

Ended up going to a bike ride.  Biked out to Roger's Canyon.  17 miles round trip.  Legs felt good, mainly just need to get some biking shorts and get used to being in the saddle.

At 470 with one day to go.  I might run again tonight just to make tomorrow an easier running day.  I need to rest up a bit before Lars, Luke and Krista of Team SDSU Alumni get out here on Monday.

8/18- Started out about 8:00 and ran 77 minutes.  Nearly had to beat up a pit bull.  I ran south of town to check out a possible cycling route.  It looked ok, not too many good cycling routes close to town.  Also hopped on the bike again for another hour later in the day.

547 minutes on the week!