Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trent Lusignan- Who is this guy?

Trent Lusignan of South Dakota State University placed 12th in this weekend's NCAA cross country championships.  Outside of the SDSU crowd and Minnesota running fans, this hasn't gotten any press.  I had picked him 8th in the Letsrun predictions, surprised that they even had him as a voting choice.  His goal was to be All-American and most of our fantasy cross country league had him optimistically placed in the 30-40 range.  The only reason he was featured with an interview on Flotrack was because Alex Lohr ran for the Jackrabbits.  I already went through the credentials of just a few of the men that he defeated yesterday but I will do it again here.

-Chris O'Hare- UK Olympian and fastest collegiate miler ever at 3:52
-Kemoy Campbell- Jamaican 1500m record holder and 13:32 5k PR
-Anthony Rotich- 4th place at NCAA last fall and 8:21 steeple PR
-Paul Katam- Runner up finish in 10k at NCAA outdoors 2013
-Paul Chelimo- 2x NCAA 5k Runner up
-Mac Fleet- NCAA 1500m Champion

There are many more runners in the field with more impressive credentials than Trent.  His best race to date was at Pre-Nationals earlier this year where he ran 23:49 for 19th place.  There was a deeper race the same day at Wisconsin so at best he was about 40th best guy in the nation at that time.  I high school, Trent was good but not anywhere near a national contender.  He had PRs of 9:20 and 4:20 in track and his best finish at a state meet was 4th place in cross country his senior year.  The 3 boys ahead of him all run for Minnesota.  2 of them have not done much and the third has done just a little more.

Now that you know a little more about this guy, why did he run so well?  A big reason might be that he attends SDSU where facilities are limited and weather is poor.  He is essentially forced to train in the cold and windy prairie all year.  This was just another run for him.  Another reason is the ridiculous poise and mental fortitude that he carries with him into races.  In interviews, he talks about the plan that he and his coach, Olympian Rod DeHaven, formulated.  By the way it sounds, he executed the plan flawlessly.

Congratulations to Trent and Rod.  Days like this one make me even more proud to be a Jackrabbit Alum.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Race Report: Blizzard Blast 10k 2013

This was the first road race that I ran last year in Laramie so I decided to do it again.  I hadn't run at all since Silent Trails so I wasn't expecting much out of myself here.  When I went into registration, I saw Jesse Gray signing up for the 5k.  I decided to take the easy route and run the 10k so I wouldn't have to race anybody fast.  I go out to the car and dink around trying to waste time until the start.  I wasn't going to warm up much because 10k is a long way when you haven't run in awhile.  I head back into the building and none other than Chris Schabron, last weekend's Silent Trails champion, is registering for the 10k.  In attempting to avoid competition, I accidently ran into better competition! 

The race started out at a pretty quick pace with Chris intent on putting me out of my misery early as Nik did last year.  Somehow I hung on through the race and due to Chris not knowing the course/poor markings/no guidance, I caught up around 4 miles.  Chris quickly put the gap back up to where it had been and it looked to be over.  However, in the last stretch, I thought that I might have a chance.  The presence of 5k-ers gave me enough cover to slowly but surely eat the gap on Chris.  I caught him at a 90 degree turn about 15 meters out from the finish.  I came in too hot and lost my momentum around the corner and he recovered from his shock enough to out-lean me.  It was probably the best photo finish I have ever had for 1st place.  We were both just under Nik's course record from last year's inaugural race.  I was very happy with my performance and it was a great start to training for my 2014 slate of races.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What to do in your down time?

I'm currently taking some down time.  Due to my lack of training this year, I am mentally ready to go!  However, next year is a long year with racing from January through October so it will be good to get some rest and relaxation in before starting training again.  I am also still trying to ditch the last remnants of pneumonia that I have had so this will be good for that as well.

What do I do in my down time?

This year I have taken the time to do some reading and get my diet a little better.  I have the knowledge and now I just have to master the self-control.  My weight has been my main problem throughout my racing career.  Due to some medical conditions, I don't have quite the metabolism of many runners so I need to be extra careful about what and how much I eat and drink.

I have also been riding my bike everywhere.  Not that it is any different from usual but it is nice to still get some exercise.

Down time is often overlooked by many who think days off are for the week but they are a neccesity for anyone that trains hard.  Bernard Lagat and David Rudisha both took over a month off last year.  Lagat even gained 6-8 pounds!  You must take one running step back in order to take a few steps forward next season so rest up!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Race Report: Jelm Mountain Run 2013

This is another well run race by the High Plains Harriers.  Patrick Eastman is the race director and he does a wonderful job.  The atmosphere at Laramie area races is wonderful.  Everybody knows everybody or at least recognizes a face and is willing to stop and chat.  Patrick provides a race, a hooded sweatshirt, a beer glass, and much more for a great price.  Many road and trail race prices have gone through the roof without giving you anything more or a better experience.  I haven't found that in most Wyoming races and in particular the High Plains Harrier races.

The race started out a two person battle between the eventual 1-2 finishers Nik Deininger and Sam Malmburg.  I kind of tagged along for about 1.5 miles until the hills got steep then I ran alone for a long while.  The views from the race course are unparalleled and I would recommend this race just for those alone.  The race is entirely run on a service road on the west/south side of Jelm Mountain from the bottom to the top, from 7600' to over 9600'.  The average grade is over 6.5 percent but don't let that fool you.  There are plenty of flats and some downhills in the ascent so the real climbing is much more severe.  You go up for 5.2 miles and come down.  I reached half-way tired but still doing well with about 2 minutes on Chris in 4th.  It would soon go downhill as I found I couldn't run downhill without horrible pain in my back/sides.  I ended up shuffling down the hill with the 16th fastest descent.  Luckily I had run fast enough up the hill that I was able to hold onto 6th place overall.

Despite the pain I felt on the downhill, I am excited about Jelm 2014.  I am sure Patrick and the Harriers will put on another great race and it really can't be as bad as this year.  I am also excited to try more of Jeff's homebrew!

Race Report: Sioux Falls Miracle 5k 2013

This race morning was not overly hot but it sure was muggy and humid.  My morning began before 5 AM in Brookings.  We drove down to Sioux Falls and gathered at Howard Wood Field where Anne, Chris, Lars, and many others would start the half-marathon.  The marathon start was set for 45 minutes before them.  I watched the marathon start to see what it looked like to have nearly 1000 people start a race on a track.  It was a disaster and they need to change this somehow.  A typical road start would probably be ideal for a race this size.  Many people were walking and bumping into each other because it was too crowded.  After watching the start I drove down to the finish line where the 5k also starts.  I warmed up for a bit and found Eric.  We did some strides and analyzed the competition for awhile waiting for the race to start, late of course.  Once it started, last year's winner Jeff Stuckenbroker took it out hard.  My legs were screaming 'too fast' right away so I just tried to hang in the chase pack.  It strung out quickly and was down to myself, Dan Allen, and Eric in the chase pack.  Another guy would soon catch us too.  The course is very simple and deceptively difficult.  It seemed like it was always a small grade up and down.  At two miles, Jeff was way ahead and Dan was out of reach too.  I was in a battle with another guy that I didn't know.  He seemed to be running strong and I was struggling to hang on.  Once I could see the finish line, I finally got away from him but he kept it close.  I was initially very disappointed in my time but later measured the course to be about 3.33 miles long.  It would be nice to have it somewhat accurate!

All in all, it was a good day to see family and friends and run a race.  Lars performed valiantly in his first half-marathon and Anne ran well in hers too!

Race Report: Silent Trails 2013

Laramie is blessed with a great running community which in turn puts on some awesome events.  Huge thanks go out to everybody who put their time and effort into making this race a success.  This year, this race was only $5 to enter.  It was billed as a 'no frills' race but in reality a shirt all that was missing from your average running race.  Anyone who runs races often enough can say that shirts are often as much of a burden as anything.  There was a plethora of food after the race including hot soup and hot chocolate, there were also; medals, cash prizes, official results, aid stations etc.

There was a brisk wind blowing at the start of the race and I had debated keeping my jacket on.  That quickly ended when Ragan and Horsecow got down to the singlets.  Horsecow also had his cow print speedo on.  There was no way I was keeping my jacket on.  The race got out at a decent pace but not too fast as most of the top contenders had been here before and knew what was coming later.  The top 3, led by Chris Schabron, broke away early and there was a pack of 7 who tackled Death Crotch together.  At that point it was more about making it up the hill and not so much about racing.  That would start at the end of Death Crotch.  I made it to the top of the hill with Ragan and Horsecow but soon lost them.  A combination of the pneumonia that I haven't completely recovered from and the lack of running in the last few weeks would leave me with sideaches and fatigue.  I lost 2 positions in the last half of the race to finish 11th in 1:23 for the 10.5 mile race.  I don't think I have ever been so excited to run under 8 minute pace in my life.

The post race food and camaraderie were excellent as always.  Congrats to Chris Schabron on his victory.  This race is one of a few races that are held in memory of the 8 U of Wyoming runners that were killed in 2001.  One of those 8 was Chris' brother so I am sure this victory was extra special for him.

I am looking forward to next year, I hope to be in better aerobic shape, weigh a few less pounds and hopefully be healthier!

Overall Results

Monday, September 23, 2013

2014 Running Goals

One might ask: A little early?  I would say, not when you live in the North!  My racing season will come to a close in 19 days, maybe 26 but that is not nearly as important.  I will probably shut down the running for a week or two to refresh mentally or physically.  Currently, I am leaning towards a shorter break and will probably cycle a bunch.  I didn't really start training for my racing season until July so my body isn't too beat up.  When I start up again, I will be training for 2014 races because there are not really any quality races in the area until spring.  Below you will find my goals for training, racing, and what plans I might have for the upcoming year.

Training goals:
These are the most important goals for if these goals are completed then the other goals will follow.

1. I will train consistently.  This year (2013) I half-assed it through April, attempted to run a 50k, didn't run for about a month, tried to train for an 800, got hurt, didn't run for about 6 weeks, and then finally got it right.  I will train smart and hard the whole year.  I would have run much faster this fall if I hadn't taken off about 10 weeks during the year.
2. I will train for races that I plan to run.  That means that if I decide to run a marathon or longer, I will do sufficient long runs on the proper surface.  If I decide to run Jelm again, I will practice running up and down hills more.
3. I will actually incorporate more workouts into my running.  I didn't hardly do any of these this whole year and I would have been better off if I had done more.  I did one every 2-3 weeks at most and often they weren't high volume or intensity.
4. I will drive to run outside of town more.  I know it's not good for the environment but I biked to work every day from May to September.  Some people commute for a lot longer than I will be driving to some beautiful trails.  I believe that running on trails this summer has made me stronger and healthier than I otherwise would have been.
5. I am currently reading "Racing Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald.  Throughout my running career I have always been one of the bigger runners out there.  I know that by decreasing my body mass, I will be much faster.

Racing Goals

1. To dominate.  This may sound arrogant or not specific enough but I don't really care.  I ran well with limited training this fall and know that I am capable of much more.
2. Run and place well at the 'Big 3' in Laramie.  Pilot Hill, Jelm Mountain, and Silent Trails.  It isn't unrealistic that I could win any or all of them but there are some solid athletes in the area and others that travel here to run these races.
3. Complete my first marathon. I started one once but had bronchitis and quit at halfway.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Race Report: Always a Cowboy 8k 2013

I love to race so I had signed up for this one despite knowing that it would be run immediately after I got off an overnight shift at the hospital.  The day before I prepared by running right after I got off work at the same time as the race.  I felt ok, definitely not good by any means.  I felt worse on race morning.  My stomach was out of its rhythm and a mess.  My mind was in a fog.  However, I had paid for the race and was there to do business.  Luckily for me, the race got out fairly slowly.  Chris Schabron set the pace early and there was a pack of 4.  Ragan was on Chris's shoulder and a UW walk-on named Jesse was hanging in there as well. Through 3k, I felt like I was hanging on for dear life.  After that the race started to shake up, Ragan made a big move in the 4th K and I passed that mark in second behind him in 13:38.  He started to tire in the next K and I took the lead, passing 5k just over 17 minutes.  From there it was a long push to the finish.  I felt way better in the 5-7k then I did at any other time before or after.  The last 5k was a struggle but I finished it strong.

Overall, I think this race bodes well for the SDSU Classic 8k in 3 weeks.  NCAA altitude conversions (if they existed for 8k) would put this at least a minute faster in Brookings.  If I were properly rested and feeling well I think I could run much faster.  I am excited.  Jelm Mountain is up next Saturday.

I emailed coach Joe Stephenson about getting some results for this race.  He sent back the top 5:
1. Kyle Schmidt 27:15
2. Ragan Driver 27:39
3. Jesse Gray 28:07
4. Chris Schabron 28:09
5. Jeff Kreuter 28:15

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Routine Time- 8/19-8/25

This second half of the summer has been riddled with guests.  Don't get me wrong here, I love my family and friends but they do make it hard to devote enough time for my full running schedule.  The second half of this week won't have visitors so it is time for me to start developing my routine for working, running and school.  I will be busy and time management is key.

8/19- I got one run in while Danielle was getting her wisdom teeth taken out in Loveland, CO.  34 minutes.  Luke, Lars and Krista arrived mid-afternoon and I got another run in at Vedauwoo of 33 minutes.  I am excited to see what Luke can run at the SDSU Classic as a 47-flat 400 runner who is starting to get into distance running.  After the run we scrambled to the top of Turtle Rock.

67 minutes after one day.

8/20- Didn't run today but got 13 miles of hilly hiking done at 10,000+ feet for the whole thing.

8/21- 32 minutes of easy running, feeling a little sick to the stomach.

8/22- 31 minutes of running and still not feeling the best.  Looking forward to trying to get back into the routine starting tomorrow.

8/23- I had to get back on the track today.  The plan was to run 8 to 16 x 400 at my goal pace for the Sioux Falls 5k.  My goal time is 15:40 so essentially 75s.  I have been battling a cold for awhile now and that made breathing a little hard for the first two but after that I was hitting 73-74 every time.  I used about 30 meter walk and 170 jog for my recovery.  It was usually between 55 and 65 seconds.  I ended up running 16 400s and felt like I could have done more.  I think 15:40 is within my reach right now.  Total time with a long cool down was 96 minutes.

226 minutes after today.  I should still be able to hit 400 minutes this week with a solid long run tomorrow morning.



Monday, August 12, 2013

Need for Speed- 8/12-8/18

Now comes the inevitable time in my training where I am fit enough that I won't get too much faster without doing something a little different.   There's only so much that limited amounts of slow distance runs can do for you.  If I was running a lot more than I am then I wouldn't be too worried about it.  I am hoping to get in a few speed workouts this week.  First, a relatively informal fartlek on Monday morning and second, a formal track workout on Thursday morning.  I decided last week that I would be switching to minutes instead of miles.  My goal for minutes this week is 540.  540/7 is 77 and /8 is 67.  A majority of my runs fall somewhere between 7 and 8 minutes per mile so my mileage is probably going to be somewhere in there if I hit my weekly minutes goal.

8/12- I ran 51 minutes this morning with 6 of the aforementioned fartlek intervals as well as 6 footbridge ramps as a artificial hill.  The intervals were all short and relatively intense.  Those are alright in getting me ready for a road 5k but to train for a mountain run and an 8k xc race I will need to do longer stuff too.  It was a solid effort to get the legs moving.

It was extra windy when I got off work so I elected to eat and then run a bit later.  Usually a dangerous decision but I didn't eat much as I am trying to get down to 150 lbs and had the run in mind.  It started off poorly but I kept at it and it ended up being a solid 44 minutes.

Weekly total: 95 minutes

8/13- Struggled to get out of bed but did on my final alarm.  It is so hard to get out of bed when it is still dark out.  Air was cold and never really warmed up this morning, fall is coming.  Ran for 57 minutes, nothing otherwise notable about this run.

152 minutes after 2 days

note: was feeling a little sick and worn down so I didn't do an afternoon run on 8/13 or a morning run on 8/14.

8/14- Despite my little sickness my trail run felt awesome today.  I felt strong and light.  I am already looking forward to Silent Trails in October on these same trails.  Sent my registration in today.  73 minutes on the day.

225 after 3 days.

8/15- Had planned a 400 workout for today but delayed that due to my sickness.  My only run is in the morning today and I never feel good when I have a cold in the morning.  I ended up running all over Laramie at an easy to moderate pace.  71 minutes today.

296 after 4 days.  I need to average 80+ minutes for the next 3 days to hit my goal.  Tomorrow will be a single day but Saturday and Sunday will probably be doubles.

8/16- Today was a good day.  No work until later so I got in a nice long run.  I was kind of getting tired of running in Laramie and didn't know where to go so I went up to the prairie east of town.  I found a new single track that I hadn't run before.  It took me over to near where the eastern most exit for I80 is.  Along the way I saw a cow moose, a pack of coyotes, a few antelope and numerous birds.  It ended up being an 81 minute run.  I would guess that the last 4.5-5 miles were at 6:15-20 pace.  It was downhill a bit and I was nice and warmed up.

377 minutes after todays run.  Double on Saturday and a long run on Sunday should help me reach my weekly goal!

8/17- Took a similar route as yesterday with a few variations.  The prairie is home to never ending surprises.  Added on a bit in town to get to 93 minutes.  This will be considered my long run for the week even if I run something similar tomorrow.  I'm also hoping to take the new (to me) road bike out for a spin tomorrow so I will get in a good workout!

Ended up going to a bike ride.  Biked out to Roger's Canyon.  17 miles round trip.  Legs felt good, mainly just need to get some biking shorts and get used to being in the saddle.

At 470 with one day to go.  I might run again tonight just to make tomorrow an easier running day.  I need to rest up a bit before Lars, Luke and Krista of Team SDSU Alumni get out here on Monday.

8/18- Started out about 8:00 and ran 77 minutes.  Nearly had to beat up a pit bull.  I ran south of town to check out a possible cycling route.  It looked ok, not too many good cycling routes close to town.  Also hopped on the bike again for another hour later in the day.

547 minutes on the week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Minutes or Miles? 8/5-8/11

I am hoping to get in my highest week so far in this training cycle.  Preferably around the 65 mark.  My family will be here all week so I am going to have to keep on getting up early and getting it done!  Good thing most of my family likes to run too!

8/5- As it gets farther from the Summer Solstice I find it harder and harder to wake up before work and run.  I set a few alarms this morning at varying times to make sure I got something in.  I woke up on the last one with time for about 5 miles.  It was a solid paced 5 with a few fartlek type efforts.  It felt good and I enjoyed the sunrise coming up over the Pole Mountains.

8/6- Today I got up and took the family out to Happy Jack.  Eric and I ran a challenging route which included going  up Death Crotch and down Super Secret.  This run especially made me questions 'Minutes or Miles?" and I have decided on minutes.  We ran for around 63 minutes but I know that it is somewhere around 7 miles.  It was just that difficult of a route.  The effort I put into this run was worth at least 9 miles in town on a flatter run.  I am calling this run 8 miles and am going to be recording my runs in minutes and hours now instead of miles.  13 on the week, gotta step it up!

8/7- 4.5 miles with Eric and Dad.

8/8- 8 miles in Estes Park with Eric and Dad.  Lost most of the time, lots of hills.

8/9- 3.5 with Dad and Eric.  Not running as much as I would like but still getting out there every day.  29 on the week with 2 days to go.  Won't be busy for those two days so maybe I can still put up 60.

8/10- 6 miles in the morning.  Feeling tired this week, lots of non-running activities, too much eating and an imperfect sleep schedule.  35 on the week with one day left.

8/11- Rolled 14 miles in just over 90 minutes.  Felt great.  Rode about 10 miles on the mountain bike in the afternoon.

49 miles on the week.  Not quite what I had hoped but not too bad either.  I still feel like I made gains in my fitness.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taking A Step Back- 7/29-8/4

I am a pretty firm believer in taking rest weeks as it allows you to continue training while remaining healthy.  Last week was my highest mileage in awhile as well as my highest single day of mileage and a long hike, back to back.  This week I am not aiming to run any more miles than last week.  Maybe a similar amount or mabye less.

7/29- Chose not to run as I was sore and tired from my biggest running day in awhile, lack of sleep, and climbing Long's Peak the day before.  The weather was also cold with a good chance of rain.

7/30- Had planned on running up 'Death Crotch' for some good climbing practice but didn't feel good in the stomach or legs.  Ran an easy 4 with Danielle.

7/31- Happy Birthday to my little big bro, Alex!  I ran a nice 10 this morning north of town and included 10x 1 minute on 1 minute off in the 3rd quarter of my run.

Wednesday night trails was a success.  Got there early and warmed up and stretched out to make sure I was going to be able to run at a decent pace after this morning.  Ended up with about 7 total completing a loop of Upper UW-Summit-Haunted Forest-Happy Jack Road-Pole Creek.  17 on the day and 21 on the week.

8/1- A very easy 8 this morning.  Tried to keep to the shade and soft surfaces.  Legs felt tired from yesterday so I just enjoyed plodding along.  Felt better as the run went on.  I get in trouble on these days where I don't work!

Another easy 4 miles on the afternoon.  I was feeling pretty tired after yesterday.  Up to 33 on the week

8/2- Got in a solid hour run.  It was the first one where I was confident enough in the speed to call it 9.  I pushed the pace up and down the hills and felt very strong.  Days like this make you forget all the bad ones.  42 on the week with 2 days remaining.

8/3- Woke up early at 4:35 and was still half-asleep on my way out the door a few minutes later.  My early splits were much slower than usual on that route but it got a little better.  Had to stop and use a porta-potty on UW campus about halfway through.  Got just over an hour in but can't call this one more than 8.  An even 50 miles on the week with just tomorrow left.

8/4- Decided to not run after I found out my 10 hour shift wasn't really a 10 hour shift.  It's ok, it's a rest week and I'm feeling really good about my running right now.  50 is solid for a rest week and and I'm mentally and physically prepared to push to the next level.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wyoming Sunrises- 7/22-7/28

7/22- I had good intentions about this day but they didn't really work out.  It was hot (for Wyoming), around 85 degrees and the high desert wind was blowing.  Cotton mouth within 10 minutes.  I also had a side stitch and that killed all motivation.  Ran nearly 40 minutes for around 5 miles.

7/23- Arose bright and early and had 11 miles done by 6 am, it was a great contrast from yesterday as it was 54 degrees at the start.  Got in another 3 in the afternoon for a 14 mile day.

7/24- Got in a quick 6 miles in 37 minutes at 8300' with Chris.

7/25- A nice morning 7 with Chris before heading to Vedauwoo for some rock fun.

7/26- Got 10 miles on the evening, partially with Alex and TJ.

7/27- Got an hour of running on the morning with some of that aiding Alex in a solid workout.  9 on the morning.  Alex M texted shortly after that run asking about running in the PM and I said yes.  We ended up going 9 as well.  18! on the day.

7/28- Arose at 3 AM for an ascent of Long's Peak.  It was 16 miles round trip and felt like at least 16 miles of running.

60 miles on the week as well as a long hike.  I am proud!  Progress is going well for my main races of the fall; Jelm Mountain, SDSU Classic, and Silent Trails.  I would like to get in more hilly runs to develope strength and just to get used to hills because 2 of the races have giant hills in them.

Racing Schedule for the rest of 2013
8/1/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
8/15/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
9/8/13 Sioux Falls 5k/HM
9/21/13 Jelm Mountain Run, Jelm
10/04/13 SDSU Classic 8k, Brookings, SD
10/12/13 Silent Trails 10 Mile, Tie City

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally Getting Serious- 7/15-7/21

Monday 7/15- 10 miles in just under 66 minutes.  This pace is feeling fairly comfortable for me.  My strength is there and now I just have to hone my speed endurance.

Tuesday 7/16- 7 miles in a pretty typical 50 minutes before work.

Wednesday 7/17- Solid 8 miles on the trails with Jason.  Pushed the hills and felt good.

Thursday 7/18- An easy 6, my butt is a little sore from the overall mileage and the uphills on the trails.  Will watch carefully!

Friday 7/19- 10 miles in just over 70.  It is hard to get in 10 within Laramie, I ran around most of the town!

Saturday 7/20- Miserable 3 mile warm up, hit mile 1 in 8:40.  Race went well.  They were supposed to run the 10k then the 5k but they switched them so I didn't get through the whole pre-race routine.  Felt sluggish out of the gate.  Hit the first mile in 5:52 on my way to 16:57.  I think the first mile was long but the course measured acurrately on gmaps.  Results Here.  Ran a 4 mile cool down nice and easy.

Sunday 7/21- I end up taking Sundays off accidently but usually do something active.   Last Sunday, I hiked about 10 miles in the Snowy Range including a summit of Medicine Bow Peak.  Today I mountain biked for over an hour with Danielle.  Next Sunday I probably won't run either as I will be summiting my first 14er- Long's Peak.

51 miles in 6 days is pretty solid!  Looking forward to the coming weeks!

Racing Schedule for the rest of 2013
8/1/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
8/15/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
9/8/13 Sioux Falls 5k/HM
9/21/13 Jelm Mountain Run, Jelm
10/04/13 SDSU Classic 8k, Brookings, SD
10/12/13 Silent Trails 10 Mile, Tie City

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fitness While Traveling- How to Make Fitness Work For Your Schedule

Today we have a guest blog from Mike Manning.  Check out his other work here:

In 2009, forty-two percent of adults in the U.S. traveled for leisure purposes.  Forty-eight percent of adults reported traveling for business purposes during that same year.  With so many people traveling for professional and recreational purposes each year, it's understandable why fitness can take a backseat for many.  Here are several ways travelers are staying fit during travel.  

Americans are connected to their smartphones.  They are relying on their devices to not only stay connected to what's going on in the office, but they are also taking advantage of the many travel apps on the market to stay in top shape.  RunKeeper for iPhone and Android users is helping people track their miles and the number of calories burned over a long period of time.  P90X is helping iPhone users stay fit, allowing them to personally download several workout routines at a time.  Hatha Yoga apps are available to iPhone users who desire to be guided through an effective yoga workout routine.  Pilates enthusiasts turn to apps like Pilates Interactive to get access to workouts via their iPhone or Android device.

Many professionals are now scheduling trips to actual fitness retreats.  They are taking advantage of these travel opportunities to try new things.  Fitness retreats are a great way for people to really shake things up.  Often referred to as luxury fitness retreats, these people offer everything from strength training to hiking for travelers.  

The average person experiences stress and anxiety with a demanding travel schedule.  This can be particularly stressful to some and cause a disturbance in sleeping patterns.  A sleep-deprived person will find it hard to focus and concentrate throughout today due to a lack of sleep.  Taking HTP supplements is a great way to counter the effects of jet lag and correct problems sleeping.

Some people take certain types of equipment on the road to remain on top of their fitness regimens.  A person can research the facilities before scheduling their lodging to see if there are any nearby trails that are accessible.  Inquiring about any gyms on the premises or whether or not there are any yoga classes provided on site that can help a person plan accordingly. On a recent trip to San Francisco I used a travel site called Gogobot in order to book a hotel with a 24-hour gym. I used this site to see a list of the top hotels in San Francisco and from here I could discern which hotels had the best fitness amenities.

People from all walks of life have diverse needs when traveling.  Busy people often have to carve out time to get a workout in.  Luckily, solutions like apps, dedicated retreats, supplements and hotel amenities make staying fit for frequent travelers manageable.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hurting Again

Most would say that a blog with this title is a bad thing but in reality, it is very good.  Hurting is one of those things that takes some getting used to.  I was reflecting on my training for the past year and realized a few things.  First, I had only done a handful of workouts since the last workouts before my conference track meet last May.  Those workouts were generally longer, threshold type ones and they didn't hurt that bad.  I have only run 2 races, one 5k and one 10k, neither fast, and they both hurt! 

I have done a few workouts in the last few weeks, a tempo run with the High Plains Harriers where I just had to mentally focus on Ragan's back and hold on.  Later that week, I ran my first track workout in nearly 6 months.  It was composed of 200s and 400s.  200s are mentally easy unless they are super fast and I assure you that these were not.  400s were slightly harder but not too bad.  Towards the middle of the workout I started wondering if my recoveries were even helping.  That is one of the main things that I have noticed at 7200' is that it takes longer to recover both during and after runs and workouts.  But, even if I didn't feel good at the start of an interval, I got through it and it wasn't really that bad.  It really is just getting used to running a faster pace than my daily runs which are not very fast at all.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Different Direction

Up until the past year, my life had been fully devoted to running.  I was also a student but an average one at best.  I had other hobbies but everything took a backseat to running.  Don't get me wrong, I still love running but it's time to start living!  I have many different hobbies that I presently enjoy and would like an arena to talk about; mountain biking, bouldering, mountaineering and backpacking (just starting these ones in the spirit of Wyoming), disc golfing, brewing, eating well, traveling, and anything else that I would like to do.  I am also considering going back to school to pursue a few interests and it will be nice to be a true student and I look forward to soaking up the student experience that I deprived myself of.  I loved my 4 years at SDSU but I am looking forward to more adventures of a different sort as well as continuing to run.  As I take this different direction I am looking to take on a different name for my blog.  I would like it to be something simple yet creative and still encompassing my hobbies.  It will be difficult to find the right phrase or name because my hobbies are fairly diverese and ever expanding.  I am looking forward to the future and will take any suggestions!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15-21st Training Recap- The Hay is in the Barn

April 15th- Went out for an easy 4 with Alex.  Windchill around 0.  I thought this was Spring?  Only 12 days out.

April 16th- Didn't run

April 17th- 6 miles at a decent pace.

April 18th- 4 miles.

April 19th- 4 quick miles!

April 20th- Ran a 5k, it felt too fast from the start.  I guess that's what happens when you never do workouts.  The high school team took off at a very unsustainable pace.  I finished 6th in 17:52.  It was 4 loops around the park and the race was large enough that we lapped people as we started.  They also devised a system to help you count to 4 by handing you a different colored ribbon each lap.  It was bad.  But it was for charity and Alex won $30 for his efforts.

April 21st- 2nd attempt at getting out to Curt Gowdy State Park for a trail run.  We've given up all hope of being on Happy Jack's trails for awhile, they're still enjoying good xc skiing there!  We made it to Gowdy and attempted to run on the trails for about 2 minutes.  There was 6" to 12" of snow on the trails and it was icy due to melting and refreezing a few times.  Surely not runnable.  We took to the road through the park.  It was very scenic and the way out very enjoyable.  We turned around after nearly 40 minutes.  The way back was much harder as we had gone downhill about 300 feet including some long climbs and were now running into a 35-50 mph wind.  It took 4 minutes longer to get back with a much harder effort.

32 miles on the week, ironically too similar to the distance I will be attempting to complete in about 4 hours on the 27th.

Friday, April 12, 2013

800m Training

This summer I would like to break 2:00 for the 800m run.  Having only run the event a handful of times, ever, I believe my personal best is 2:03.1.  I know I ran a few 4x800 splits faster than that but I don't know how fast.  Those times were all from high school.  I may have been able to run slightly faster in college but with less races, there was less time to expiriment with an event that I am not overly good at.  In addition, due to the volume of my overall running and lack of anything truly fast, I don't know if I would have gone much faster at all.

You may be thinking, why would he want to do this?  My reasons mostly come back to time and motivation.  In my mind, 6 x 150m, no matter how fast, is mentally much easier than 10 x 1k, especially alone.  Clearly it will also consume much less time.  Another reason I want to do this is that I was always envious of the guys with the natural leg speed that I lacked.  Plus, everybody knows that going fast is fun.

For now, I am just going to keep running as I have been until my April 27th 50k.  After that I will lightly jog for awhile and focus on recovering from that race and getting mentally ready to tackle this new type of training.  I haven't decided on an actual course of training yet, I am still doing my homework.  It will probably be a little higher mileage than most 800 training plans because I still want to be successful at trail races this summer and the SDSU Classic 8k in the fall.  I think for awhile I will plan to do weeks that include hills, fartlek, and a long run with strides after most easy runs.  I am also going to focus on the whole body with lots of cross training in the form of bouldering and mountain biking.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8th-14th Training Recap- Getting Back on The Horse

April 8th- Didn't run as it was a travel day.  Danielle and I ventured West to do research for her internship project.

April 9th- Got in 4 miles.  The sinus headache is really the only thing left over from last week's illness but it is limiting.  It just increases the longer I run.

April 10th- Didn't run, no time!

April 11th- Got in a solid 6 with Alex.  It was easily under 7 minutes per mile which is fairly decent for us at this altitude.  We usually like to run pretty slow.

April 12th- Ran 6 miles after work at a decent pace.  Did 2 strides after.  Wanted to do 4 but I was just really not used to anything fast so those were hard enough.  I need to do more of those!

April 13th- Ran 4 miles in the morning and felt sluggish and tired.

April 14th- Was extremely pleased today.  Danielle dropped Alex and I off in the country so we could have a crosswind run instead of into the wind loop (no good roads to run with the wind).  We took off and it got faster and faster.  I figured it would be an unsustainable pace for that distance since I've had a pathetic past few weeks of running but I kept it up and felt good doing it.  We averaged about 6:32 for 13 miles.

33 miles total for the week, not enough considering I will be running 31+ in one run in 13 days.  Oh well, I'm excited!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1st-7th Running Recap

1st- Didn't run.  Very stuffy, tired, worn down, etc.  Hoping to get better soon!

2nd- Feeling a little better than yesterday.  Decided to take it easy and get healthy.

3rd- Bike 2 times today for a total of over 2 hours.  The first time was a good workout and the second time was with Alex running so it wasn't as good but I kept it in a low gear so the legs were still spinning!  I also attempted to run in between my 2 bikes and it wasn't good.  Too stuffy to really breath.  2 miles on the week.

4th-  Got out for 4 miles today.  Felt horrible in the stomach and only ok aerobically.  6 miles on the week.

5th-7th- Didn't run.  The stuffiness is going away but I've been plagued by headaches.  I am looking forward to feeling better and being refreshed next week.  The 50k is only 3 weeks from Saturday!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Thyroids and Running

I used to be a fan of Anthony Famiglietti back in the day.  You know, the day where he actually ran races.  Now, he is just really coming off as a whiner.  His latest blog post details all of his recent medical ailments, excuses if you will and then he will tell you why he is too stupid to do anything about these problems.  One of these problems is one that I deal with every day of my life.  I don't usually talk about it because I don't want to be percieved as a whiner like Fam.  My issue is hypothyroidism.  Unlike many of these elite runners that Fam eludes to, I have been on synthetic medicine for this condition well before I began running in 7th grade.  I do somewhat agree with one of the points that Fam makes.  That is that some drugs blur the line between medically necessary and PEDs.  I'm not going to call anyone out like Fam seems dieing (but too scared) to do because I don't know their medical history.  Even if I did, I'm not a doctor.  As someone very much against PEDs, I don't feel at all guilty about taking thyroid medicine.  During my third year of college, my TSH levels were off and I was running 30+ seconds slower over 5k than I had been the year before.  I was also gaining lots of weight while running 100 miles per week and not eating an abnormally large diet.  For me, it was medically neccesary to take these pills that I have taken daily for most of my life.

Now back to that blurred line between fair and not fair.  Fam does make some good points but when you go look at the IAAF banned substances list, there are so many rediculous drugs on there that surely they must have thought about thyroid medicine as well.  On the other hand, one could make the argument that any drug could be used to level the playing field with someone who, for example, has a higher natural red blood cell count.  Should we make EPO legal?  Or going the other way, one could argue that Calcium/D supplements should be illegal because they increase bone density and allow runners to train longer without less worry about stress fractures.  I don't think making EPO legal or Vitamin D/Calcium illegal is the way to go.  I think for now, we need to listen to the IAAF.  If they say it's illegal, don't use it.  If they say it is legal, use away.  Fam, I guess I understand why you wouldn't want to use it but if that's your choice, then your running career can live and die by that.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bob Kempainen

Bob Kempainen graduated from Hopkins Lindbergh in 1984.  While running for them he recorded a 3200m best of 9:16.95 while winning just one state championship.  After high school, Bob attended Dartmouth where he found his talent at the longer distances.  He had three top-15 finishes at NCAA XC including a 4th place finish in 1986 while leading Dartmouth to a 2nd place finish.  His coach at Dartmouth is the legendary Vin Lananna who later coached at Stanford and Oregon before becoming Oregon's Athletic Director.  Lannana would continue coaching Kempainen throughout his professional career.  Kempainen's professional career spanned all surfaces from roads to XC to the track as well as distances from 3000 meters to the marathon.  In his first year as a professional, Kempainen was 2nd in the USATF 10k championships as well as 3rd at USA XC.  Kempainen had a very sucessful marathon debut in 2:12 for 2nd place at the 1991 Twin Cities Marathon.  It was this race that gave him hope for an Olympic birth in 1992 where he finished 3rd in another 2:12.  Bob didn't have the greatest performance at either Olympics due to injury.  What makes Kempainen's professional running career much more remarkable is that he was in the University of Minnesota Medical School the whole time.  Kempainen said they gave him time off if he needed it and allowed him a little longer to finish but it is incredible regardless.  Kempainen's performances continued to improve in 1993 where he ran a 10k PR of 28:23 as well as a marathon best of 2:11:03 while finishing 2nd at New York.  In 1994 Kempainen ran 2:08:47 at Boston which remained the fastest American at that race until Ryan Hall's run in 2011.  In 1995, Kempainen ran the fastest half marathon for a Minnesotan with a 60:48.  1996 brought about another Olympics and that trials race is one of the few highlights from 1990s American Distance Running.  Kempainen started feeling sick around mile 21 and vomited 6 times in the last 5 miles as he pulled away for victory in 2:12:45 (Video Below).  After the Olympics, Kempainen decided that he had better hang up the racing flats and get to work on becoming a doctor.

1996 Trials Champ, Credit: AP, Burton

The links below serve as a bibliography as well as a recommended reading list on Bob Kempainen.
Year-by-Year Results

SI Vault Article- 1992 NYC

HepsTrack Article

1996 Trials Video With Puking

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Good Was Steve Prefontaine?

I have been extremely troubled by the growing polarization of Steve Prefontaine's athletic prowess.  On one hand, there will always been immense amounts of ignorant fanboys (most of the time literally boys) who eat up every word and image that Nike puts out.  I have to admit, I was one of those fanboys at one time although probably one of the more knowledgeable fanboys on the topic.  On the other hand, there is a growing multitude of people (mostly men in this case) who bash on Prefontaine and all they can talk about is how bad he is.  I think the latter group of people is infinitely worse than the first.  They constantly tear down a figure who is overall very good for the sport.  Yes, Prefontaine liked to have a good time but he was still one of the world's preeminent distance runners.  An athlete does not achieve what Pre did without a certain amount of hard work.

Now back to the original question: How Good Was Pre?  My initial answer: At the time of his death, easily the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) American distance runner.  For all intensive purposes I am going to classify 'distance runner' as from the mile through 10,000 meters.  Surely Ryun would have beaten Pre at the 800 or Mile and probably Shorter at the marathon.  Next we will examine how Pre fared against the period in which he ran.  Many often say something stupid like: 'Cam Levins and Lawi Lalang just ran faster than Pre in the 5k, Pre isn't that good'.  Yes, they ran faster but there are a lot of factors to consider when comparing different periods.  I'm not going to be like Ventolin^3 (Letsrun) or Cocakula (tracktalk, probably the same dude) who trys to put exact time conversions on certain things like track technology, shoe technology, nutrition and training knowledge, better competition, the fall of amateurism, etc but those things all clearly had an effect on the times that were run.  It also just makes logical sense that records are going to improve over time.  Is Lawi really anywhere near as good as Henry Rono despite running similar times?  No.

The first event I would like to examine is the Mile run.  This is far from Mr. Prefontaine's specialty yet he was only 3.6 seconds off the world record and 3.5 seconds off the American Record at the time of his death.  The American Record was held by one Jim Ryun whom some consider to be the best miler of All-Time.  There are currently only 6 men within 3.6 seconds of Hicham El G's World Record in the Mile.  There are only 7 men within 3.5 seconds of Alan Webb's American Record in the mile.  All 13 of those men have something in common with the exception of one (Daniel Komen of Kenya), they are all true-milers.  What is the point here?  Steve Prefontaine was a world class miler when his specialty is in the longer distances.

Let's look at the 5000 meters next.  Steve did hold the American Record and was only 8 seconds from the World Record.  Put him 8 seconds behind today's World Record and you have a 12:45.  The Current American Record held by Bernard Lagat is 12:53.  Many often use his lack of Olympic Medals as criteria for him being 'overrated'.  Americans haven't won an Olympic Medal in the 5000 since 1964.  Until Rupp's silver in 2012 it had been the same Olympiad since an American won a medal.  What does this say?  If not among the best runners ever, Prefontaine should still be considered one of, if not the best American of All-Time.  Lets not forget that this all is coming from a man who died at the age of 24 and who competed in his last Olympics at 21.  Galen Rupp didn't truly emerge as a world-beater until 25 and at 26 he appears to still be rising.  I hate 'what ifs' as much as the next logical person but in certain situations they can't be avoided.  This is one of them.

In the end, this argument all comes down to how much an individual values the comparison to athletes of the same time period.  Pre didn't have to face East Africans nearly as much as Rupp does.  Rupp also didn't have to work in a bar or work at all for that matter.  Prefontaine was the GOAT American at the time of his death and his range has yet to be surpassed by any.  Athletes like Galen with his 3:50.9i and Lopez with his 800-5000 range are approaching Prefontaine's level.  Even Bernard Lagat can't claim Pre's range (as an American) as he has only excelled at the 1500-5000.

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th-31st Training Recap

March 25th- The weather looks to be improving throughout the week and I am reading 'Once A Runner' at work.  That inspired me to hit up the same trails as yesterday.  My only regret is that these trails aren't closer to home.  I have run run nearly 2.5 miles just to get to the trails so unless I am going long I spend more time on roads than trails.  9 on the day and the week.  Anticipating some doubles this week with a later work schedule and warmer weather.  I hope to head out to Vedauwoo for some bouldering too!

March 26th- It's another very slow day at work so I am reading lots of 'OAR' again and taking every possible excuse to get up and take a walk.  I also stretch and do calf raises fairly frequently.  I ended up running 10 miles after work, some with Danielle, some with Alex and some with both!  It was kind of a progression run as we definitely started out slow and got quicker as the run went on.  My last two miles (solo) were probably not too far over 6 minute pace which is pretty quick for me at this altitude.  19 on the week!

March 27th-  Had a later work schedule so arranged a morning run with Alex.  As usual, it wasn't fun right away but it got better as we went on.  6 miles in the morning and had planned on getting out the door again but didn't due to time constraints.  25 on the week!  I've gotten a complete circuit of myrtle after every run this week as well, I feel the loosening and strengthening happening slowly.

March 28th-  My stomach felt pretty average so I only got 5 in.  That bumps me up to 30 on the week, not bad for 4 days.  I wouldn't be surprised if I ran every day this week.  Despite having a race in less than a month, I feel that my training is very unstructured.  I did one long run but that, combined with the previous week, seemed to push my current fitness levels over the edge.  I'll have to do more research into what proper 50k trail race training is like.  I feel that it will be a lot of trial and error as well so we will see what happens!

March 29th- Got 4 in the morning then was busy in the afternoon.  34 on the week.

March 30th- It was a beautiful morning but I felt very tired and beat down.  Got 5 in somehow.  39 on the week.  I did pick up a mountain bike today so expect lots of cross training to happen as soon as the ultra is done on the 27th!

March 31st- Full-blown sickness today, 2 miles in.  Proud of Alex for getting 14 in all alone.  Hoping for a quick recovery.  41 total for the week.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Steve Holman

Running history is very poorly documented so I am going to try and preserve some of Minnesota's running history one piece at a time.  I am sure all of this information and more can be found in obscure personal libraries and the minds of the people who  were alive and observant at the time but it is hard for people of my age and younger to learn some of this stuff.

Credit: Victah at Run Photo Run

This profile is of Steve Holman.  He is the best mid distance runner of all-time from the state of Minnesota.  Steve ran for Richfield, graduating in 1988.  He ran 4:09.26 for the full mile or 4:07.62 for 1600m which ranks 5th all-time as well as 1:50.56 which ranks 4th all-time and had been a state record for 8 years.  After high school, Steve attending Georgetown University in Washington DC.  There he was a NCAA champion in the 1992 indoor 1500 and was an all-american in distances up to 5000.  He made his first and only Olympic team the summer after graduating in the 1992 1500.  Sadly Steve wasn't known as a championship racer and while having solid PRs of 1:44.98, 3:31.52, 3:50.40, and 7:43.20, he often faltered at bigger races.  At the time, Steve was third on the all-time American list for 1500m.

Olympic Profile

Here is a year by year list of Steve's accomplishments compiled by USATF:

2000: Placed 5th at Olympic Trials (3:37.36)...ranked 5th of 3:33.59 August 11 in Zurich (fastest by an American in 2000).
1999: Won 1500 at USA Outdoors (3:39.21)... 9th at World Champs (3:34.32)...2nd in 3,000 at USA Indoors... 6th at World Indoors... 6th in GP Final (3:36.08)...bests of 1:48.50, 2:16.68 (1,000), 3:32.73, 3:55.13 (Mile).
1998: 4th at USA Outdoors (3:39.46)... 3rd in USA Indoor mile (3:59.27)...3rd at Edwardsville GP (3:54.74)...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:33.60 and 3:52.73.
1997: Disqualified from final at USA Outdoors (2nd, 3:46.01)...placed on World Champs team because he had made the qualifying time, and only one other had...7th in semis at World Champs (3:39.97)...ranked #10 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN; ranked #8 in U.S. at 800... bests of 3:31.52.
1996: Won USA Indoor mile (3:57.72)...13th in Olympic Trials (3:47.44)...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:34.55 and 3:50.60, also 7:42.49 (3K).
1995: 5th in USA Outdoors (3:45.10)...clocked six PRs during the summer season...4th in USA Indoor 3000 (7:56.76)...ranked #4 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN; ranked #5 in U.S. at 800... bests of 3:32.01 and 3:50.76, also 1:44.98 (800).
1994: 6th in heat (3:42.00) at USA Outdoors, hampered by a virus...9th in GP Final (3:43.47)...ranked #5 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN... bests of 3:34.96 and 3:50.91.
1993: 3rd (top U.S.) in USA Indoor mile (3:55.41)...4th in World Indoor (3:45.59)...a tibia fracture canceled most of his outdoor season...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:35.29 and 3:55.41, also 2:19.96 (1K).
1992: 2nd in Olympic Trials (3:36.48)...9th in semi at Olympic Games ...won NCAA 1500 (3:38.39)...4th in NCAA Indoor 5000 (13:47.63); anchored runner-up 4 x 800 (1:48.8 for 7:20.04)...46th in USA XC Outdoors...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:34.95 and 3:52.73.
1991: 5th in USA Outdoors (3:41.51)...6th in NCAA Indoor mile (4:01.13); led-off winning 4 x 800 (1:51.5 for 7:19.86)...7th in NCAA (3:41.51)... 10th in NCAA XC...ranked #4 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:38.37 and 4:01.13.
1990: 5th in USA Outdoors... ran third leg on 4th-place 4 x 800 at NCAA Indoor (1:49.6 for 7:20.97)...8th in NCAA...3rd in Olympic Festival...78th in NCAA XC...ranked #7 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:39.60 and 4:03.74.
Ran third leg on 4th-place 4 x 800 at NCAA Indoor (1:49.4 for 7:20.96)...3rd in USA Juniors... bests of 3:45.41 and 4:06.31.
1988: Set an 800m state record of 1:50.5 that wasn't broken until 1996...won Minnesota HS state titles at 800 and 1600...bests of 3:52.8 and 4:09.26.
1987: Bests of 4:14.6 (1600)...won Minnesota HS state title at 1600.
1986: Bests of 4:21 (1600).
1985: Best of 10:08 (3200m).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sport Beans Review

Today, I am going to review Jelly Belly's Sport Beans. I am doing an ultra next month so I am testing out different energy bars, gels, beans, etc.

Packaging: I really don't like the packaging on these.  It is hard to get the beans out of the package and that is without closing and re-opening the package like you are able to do.

Taste: The ones with caffeine have a strong and almost bitter side taste to them.  All the regular flavors taste like  jelly beans with a little extra salt in them.  I was fond of the lemon-lime and fruit punch flavors.

Stomach: These never seem to sit well with me.  I always have some kind of issue that is similar to feelings I have if I run after eating candy or drinking too much sports drink.  It seems like this is an attempt by a candy company to get into sports nutrition while relying more on their name than on science.

Energy: These usually upset my stomach enough to have to stop.  I wonder if they might have a crash and burn effect if I ever felt good enough to get there.  Maybe we will see someday.  I might be willing to use these if out for a hike when I am less likely to be sick to the stomach (as compared to running) and when the packaging might not be as big of a hassle.

As far as I'm concerned, I would have just as good of results if I was using regular jelly beans or fruit snacks for this purpose as a lower price.  With all things energy related I recommend trying as many options as you can.  Everybody is different! Sport beans didn't work well for me but they might work well for you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18th-24th Training Recap

March 18th- My left IT band is sore on the outside of my knee today.  My favorite remedy for that is to foam roll the outside of the thigh to loosen it up and relieve the pressure and inflamation below.  That combined with a bit of ice and anti-inflammatory usually does the trick for me.  It is also nearly as windy as it was yesterday.  I ended up taking the day off, my knee gradually got better but it was windy and cold and I didn't feel like running.

March 19th- I was super tired today.  I thought it was just a general lack of motivation but my legs really didn't want to move.  I ran home from work then changed and ran to War Memorial Stadium for some stadium stairs workout.  I was inspired by reading Lydiard's 'To the Top'.  I don't really have hamstring issues but Lydiard says that hills and stair strengthen hamstrings and prevent these types of injuries.  It was extremely windy again and I am getting tired of it!  7 miles on the day and week!

March 20th- Got a decent 5 in today.  The legs still felt tired but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  12 on the week.

March 21st- Got 6 in before work.  Still kind of tired and the outside of my foot hurt.  Will wear a different pair of shoes this afternoon and hopefully it goes better.  Go Jacks!

PM- Well the Jacks lost but I did get in another 5 after work.  The foot and energy levels both felt better this time around.  It was oppressively windy, again.  Weekly mileage up to 23.

March 22nd + 23rd-  I decided to take these days off.  I was feeling very tired and unmotivated.  It was also very cold and windy.

March 24th- Despite the cold, I made it out for 10 miles in the 0 degree weather.  We got back on the trails east of town which are nice and offer great views of Laramie from above.  Despite the fact that I didn't meet my goals this week, I am satisfied.  I may have bit off more than I could chew with my 20 miler last weekend if I wanted to train strong this week.  I think that I might also be getting sluggish from lack of activity at work.  That isn't completely my fault but I'm sure I can do better than I am right now.  I also need to get back on the full myrtle every day train.  I think that strong hip flexors will go a long way in an ultra.  I am mentally refreshed and ready for another decent week of training.  Either this week or next weekend will be my last super long run before the ultra. 

Weekly mileage: 23

Wear Testing is a Great Thing

Do you want free gear?  Then wear testing might be the thing for you.  Minimal work is required and if you are like me and like to think that your opinion is going to influence a future product, then that is just an added bonus.

How do you become a wear tester?  Go onto one of the shoe company's websites and apply.

New Balance Wear Test
Brooks Wear Test
Mizuno Wear Test

Nike has one too that is somewhat hard to find and also harder to get into.  I have wear tested for New Balance a few times and have friends who have tested for Brooks and Nike.

If you like to run, like to try new things, like free stuff (may or may not get to keep it), and like to help develop a product then wear testing is for you.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Balance 1080 V3 Review

I had the pleasure of wear testing these shoes last summer.  Now they are out and I wanted to express my feelings toward this shoe and towards the new image that New Balance is projecting.  New Balance was always a company that was lurking on the edge.  They seemed to be mostly worn by older men and that image wasn't helped by the fact that they produce all white walking shoes.  The big N logo was always bulky and unimaginative.  Despite the potential quality of the shoes, no young person including myself was ever going to try those shoes out.  That may sound rather shallow but why have just functionality when you can have that as well as a good looking shoe?

I was rather surprised when I opened the box to these shoes for a couple reasons.  First, they are marketed as lightweight and neutral.  They are fairly neutral but they aren't very light and their appearance makes them look even heavier than they really are.  The next reason I was surprised was that these shoes were flashy.  Red and lime green combined with silver accents and a new sleeker looking N logo made me excited about trying these shoes on.

My initial thoughts on the feel of these shoes was mixed.  I have slightly wide feet but never wide enough to request a wide shoe for any other brand.  These shoes were tight, slightly uncomfortable near the ball of the foot.  Everywhere else they felt great and even that tightness wore off as my feet stretched out the shoes both over the course of the run and over the course of the time I wore the shoes.  The shoes aren't very flexible which is more of a preference thing for me as I wear Nike Free, Puma Faas 250, and racing flats to train in quite often.  The overall 'ride' of the shoe was very nice.  When going into the wear test, I was dealing with a little plantar fascitis.  It wasn't super bad but it was there.  I can't attribute the healing of that completely to these shoes but I can make note that my condition did improve while wearing these shoes.

For those familiar with wear testing, you might not get to keep the shoes as long as you would like.  I only had these shoes for just over a month and when you're not running 100+ miles per week it is hard to test the durability of shoes in that short of a period.  I can say that the shoes had some wear on the tread as should be expected but the mid-sole had minimal compression and the uppers were immaculate with the exception of a little dirt from running trails.  These shoes would last, at minimun, the 400 or so miles that is usually recommended.

Overall, these shoes are decent.  I think I would be scared away by the higher price tag (115 MSRP) if I ever had to pay for them.  I really enjoyed them as wear test shoes but with so many quality options out there you can always find a comparable shoe at a lower price point.  If money isn't an option and you are looking for a quality, cushioned, mid-weight, neutral trainer, then this shoe might be for you.  I always recommend that you try on a shoe before you buy it so head out to your local running shop and try one on!

This is the colorway I had, courtesy of Finish Line


Friday, March 15, 2013

Minnesota Collegiate Honor Roll 2013 Indoor Track

This list is for Minnesota High School Graduates competing for collegiate teams this year (unattached is allowed as well).  Any additions, corrections, etc are welcome.
1. Sean King, Minnesota, Cretin Derham Hall, 6.68, 1-26-13
2. Devin Crawford-Tufts, Minnesota, Edina, 6.78, 2-8-13
2. Jerrell Hancock, MSU-Mankato, Anoka, 6.78, 12-8-12
4. Derek Bredy, MSU-Moorhead, West Central Area, 6.78, 2-22-13
5. George Kawalawu, St. Cloud, Osseo, 6.83, 2-15-13
6. Cameron Boy, Minnesota, Jordan, 6.85, 1-12-13
7. Nicholas Nelson, MSU-Mankato, Lakeville North, 6.88, 2-2-13
8. Cody Jerabek, St. Thomas, Tartan, 6.89, 2-1-13
9. LeAndre Kennedy, South Dakota State, Eastview, 6.93, 2-25-13
10. Leon Chenyeon, St. Cloud, Brooklyn Park, 6.95, 2-9-13

1. Jerrell Hancock, MSU-Mankato, Anoka, 21.11, 3-8-13
2. Cameron Boy, Minnesota, Jordan, 21.24, 2-22-13
3. Devin Crawford-Tufts, Edina, 21.30, 2-22-13
4. Derek Bredy, MSU-Moorhead, West Central Area, 21.39, 3-9-13
5. Sean King, Minnesota, Cretin Derham Hall, 21.62, 1-26-13
6. Nicholas Nelson, MSU-Mankato, Lakeville North, 21.98, 2-2-13
7. Jacob Capek, Minnesota, Rochester John Marshall, 22.10, 1-26-13
8. Troy Pollard, Florida A&m, Highland Park, 22.18, 2-9-13
9. Jerome Begin, NDSU, Buffalo, 22.27, 2-9-13
10. George Kawalawu, St. Cloud, Osseo, 22.34, 2-22-13

1. Harun Abda, Minnesota, Fridley, 46.99, 2-23-13
2. Troy Pollard, Florida A&M, Highland Park, 47.11, 3-2-13
3. John Capek, Minnesota, John Marshall, 47.17, 2-23-13
4. Derek Bredy, MSU-Moorhead, West Central Area, 47.60, 3-8-13
5. Goaner Deng, Minnesota, Burnsville, 47.89, 2-8-13
6. Kevin Bradley, Minnesota, Mounds View, 48.09, 2-22-13
7. Aric Hoeschen, UW-La Crosse, St. Michael-Albertville, 48.20, 3-9-13
8. Jerrell Hancock, MSU-Mankato, Anoka, 48.48, 2-23-13
9. Austin Salargo, Minnesota (Un), Hopkins, 48.91, 1-19-13
10. Frank Falzone, Minnesota, Stillwater, 49.21, 2-8-13

1. Harun Abda, Minnesota, Fridley, 1:15.80, 2-23-13
2. Goaner Deng, Minnesota, Rosemount, 1:18.35, 2-22-13
3. John Holton, Minnesota, Apple Valley, 2-22-13
4. Ned Brady, Loyola Chicago, DeLaSalle, 1:19.92, 11-30-12
5. Jacob Capek, Minnesota, John Marshall, 1:20.89, 1-12-13
6. Jesse Fenstermacher, North Dakota, Hibbing, 1:21.02, 12-7-12
7. Eric Gebeke, Notre Dame, White Bear Lake, 1:21.03, 1-25-13
8. Kevin Bradley, Minnesota, Mounds View, 1:21.10, 1-12-13
9. Zach Mellon, Wisconsin, Buffalo, 1:21.41, 2-15-13
10. Rashawn Fountain, Minnesota, Eden Prarie, 1:21.2, 1-19-13

1. Harun Abda, Minnesota, Fridley, 1:48.24, 3-8-13
2. Travis Burkstrand, Minnesota, Eastview, 1:49.18, 2-8-13
3. Zach Mellon, Wisconsin, Buffalo, 1:50.52, 2-9-13
4. Eric Gebeke, Notre Dame, White Bear Lake, 1:51.35, 3-1-13
5. Ned Brady, Loyola Chicago, DeLaSalle, 1:51.47, 2-1-13
6. Nick Hutton, Minnesota, Apple Valley, 1:51.52, 1-19-13
7. Jesse Fenstermacher, North Dakota, Hibbing, 1:51.65, 2-9-13
8. Moses Heppner, North Dakota State, Warroad, 1:52.95, 2-9-13
9. Michael Bolland, Minnesota, Burnsville, 1:53.12, 2-9-13
10. Zach Haskins, Bethel, Heritage Christian, 1:53.52, 2-22-13

1. Nick Hutton, Minnesota, Apple Valley, 4:00.15, 2-9-13
2. Rob Finnerty, Wisconsin, Burnsville, 4:08.89, 2-15-13
3. Brian Saksa, St. Olaf, Dassel-Cokato, 4:09.64, 2-15-13
4. Jake Autio, Loyola-Chicago University, STMA, 4:10.36, 2-1-13
5. Travis Burkstrand, Minnesota, Eastview, 4:10.47, 1-26-13
6. Clayton Foster, MSU-Moorhead, Pequot Lakes, 4:11.34, 2-9-13
7. Zach Haskins, Bethel, Heritage Christian, 4:12.07, 3-8-13
8. Blayne Dulian, Minnesota, Coon Rapids, 4:12.41, 3-2-13
9. Charlie Lapham, Drake, Robbinsdale Armstrong, 4:12.60, 2-9-13
10. Marty Maloney, Clemson, Eastview, 4:12.66, 2-2-13

1. Rob Finnerty, Wisconsin, Burnsville, 8:03.78, 2-09-13
2. Michael VanVoorhis, Wisconsin, St. Paul Central, 8:12.78, 1-26-13
3. Mason Ferlic, Michigan, Mounds Park Academy, 8:17.43, 2-8-13
4. Adam Zutz, Minnesota, St. Francis, 8:20.39, 1-26-13
5. Trent Lusignan, South Dakota State, Shakopee 8:26.28, 2-24-13
6. Ethan Marquardt, South Dakota, Albert Lea, 8:26.34, 2-9-13
7. John-Michael Brandt, Iowa, Winona, 8:30.55, 1-19-13
8. Anthony Bongard, South Dakota State, Redwood Valley, 8:30.94, 2-2-13
9. Pat Richie, Gonzaga, Grand Rapids, 8:32.56, 3-1-13
10. Adam Braun, Augustana, Totino Grace, 8:32.73, 2-22-13

1. Jeremy Drenckhahn, Air Force Academy, Wayzata, 14:12.99, 2-9-13
2. Trent Lusignan, South Dakota State, Shakopee, 14:26.68, 2-9-13
3. John-Michael Brandt, Iowa, Winona, 14:39.55, 2-1-13
4. Anthony Bongard, South Dakota State, 14:41.01, 2-25-13
5. Ethan Marquardt, South Dakota, Albert Lea, 14:46.71, 2-1-13
6. Tyler Leverington, Marquette (un), 14:53.47, 3-2-13
7. Andrew Fenske, Loyola-Chicago, 14:53.88, 2-1-13
8. Tim Lillehaugen, St. Olaf, Moorhead, 14:55.67, 3-3-13
9. Micheale Tesema, Augsburg, Burnsville, 14:55.9, 3-3-13
10. Adam Braun, Augustana, 14:57.21, 2-23-13

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Training Recap: March 11th-17th

March 11th- Blizzard!  It was a true white-out day.  It was dangerous to run as we found out when Isaiah slipped and hit his knee on the sidewalk.  It was impossible to see the ice under the snow and where the curbs were.  We only went about 5 miles worth of effort.  It was realistically shorter than that but you have to go by effort sometimes.  5/66 on the week.

March 12th- I just plain didn't make time in the day to run.  I should have got up in the morning and got out the door.  The road conditions were nearly as bad as yesterday so I have a small reason for not getting out the door.  I had planned on getting out the door between Ft. Collins and the Summit League Men's basketball final but that didn't end up happening either.  5/66 on the week still

March 13th- I was feeling sick in the morning so I didn't get out the door in the morning.  I think I need to take my Iron earlier in the day so I don't feel it in the morning.  Ended up very pressed for time after a work meeting went 40 minutes longer than it should have.  Only got 3 in, 8/66, ready for some big days here!  At least I ran fast for my 3 miles.

March 14th- I don't know why but I haven't been able to get up in the morning.  Yesterday I legitimately felt bad but today it was just tired/laziness.  I am going to make a running plan for the rest of today and the next 3 days to make sure I get my miles in.  Tonight- 10 miles, 18/66.  Tomorrow- double, morning run with alex- 15 total, 33/66, Saturday after work- 10, 43/66, and Sunday long run- 20, 63/66.  Those are minimums so I have opportunity to get a few more miles in to reach my goal.

March 14th- PM- Got out the door for a solid 10.  First legitimate run of the week for me.  Mentally preparing to get the big miles in the rest of this week.  Physically feeling good!  18/66

March 15th- AM- Finally made it out of bed and once I was out the door, it wasn't so bad.  It was a warm, yet windy, morning at nearly 40 degrees but it was worth getting my 9 miles in.  Finished with 3 fairly hard strides.  I don't want to be a true LSD runner, it's fun to have some speed in the legs!  Hopefully I can get another 6+ in this afternoon to get back on track to get 66 miles in.  27/66

March 15th- PM- This was probably one of my worst runs recently.  I was incredibly unmotivated.  Doing nothing but reading at work turns my mind to mush and it's just hard to get out some days.  Then right out the door my right calf is hurting.  Calves are the one part of my body that I can't figure out how to take care of.  Time and time alone seems to be the only option.  Then about halfway through my stomach takes a turn for the worst and I end up hobbling in the last mile trying not to poop myself.  You'll be glad to know that I made it with seconds to spare.  I even turned down ice cream and a brownie in the last hours of work in order to avoid a fiasco like this.  The one positive about this run is that I was able to complete 7 miles and get me one step closer to hitting my goal of 66.  34/66 with 2 days left.

March 16th- 0.  Just didn't feel like it.  It was windy and I had the long run looming the next day.

March 17th- My 20 miler was very sucessfull.  I went out of town to the SW and ran into the wind or with a crosswind the first 10 miles then turned around and came back.  It was very windy with around 40 mph winds the whole time.  It grew to 60 mph later in the day so I was glad to have it done.  Alex and Seth came up from Ft. Collins and we went to Vedauwoo.  It was kind of scary on top of the rocks with that strong of winds.  I felt strong the whole way through and was even able to still shift gears quite easily at the end.  I even ran this run faster than my average pace for most daily runs.  The way out was right at 7:30 pace and the way back was under 7 minutes per mile.  I came away from this run with the good feeling that I could have run faster, farther, or both which is a good sign for next month's 50k.  54/66 on the week.

Well, overall I would have liked to have hit my weekly mileage but I had guests for the first 3 days and only got 8 miles in then.  I also took friday off which ended any hope of hitting my weekly goal.  I think that 54/66 is good considering my other activities.  The most important aspect of the week for me is the long run which went much better than I expected.  I not only got through it but I ran fairly quickly and with less fatigue than I had expected.

Next week's goals:
Mileage- Somewhere between 55 and 70.  I think I need to run at least 55 to be sucessful at the longer distances but running more than 70 in the cold, wet and windy season in Wyoming would probably mentally burn me out.  If I am feeling good in the summer I will venture into the higher mileages once again.
Long run- 22-24, maybe more, we will see.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Can I still PR?

Recently (within a month or so) my training partner posed the question: Could you still PR at distances you have already ran?  My answer: certainly.  I am 23 years old and healthy.  But I also added the disclaimer that I would have to find the time and motivation that I had as a college student-athlete.  It isn't possible to work and run.  I once ran 116 miles in a week that I worked 50 hours of hard labor.  Now I work 40 hours of fairly easy labor.

It really all goes back to the motivation factor.  There isn't a lot of incentive to run fast for the vast majority of runners.  Prize money, when available, pales in comparison to the amount of hours of hard work that is put in.  Health benefits can be had with general fitness, no need to get out there and run tempo runs, hill workouts, etc.  It really all comes down to a sense of self-satisfaction.  For now, I am happy being somewhere in between hobby-jogging and a truly competitive runner.  I really love the activity of running.  Racing is so fun but the amount of work that goes into a succesful race can be taxing mentally and physically as well as on your time.  Maybe I just need a little mental break from 7 years of nearly year-round training and competition.

Back to the original question, Can I still PR?  Yes, will I? We'll see.  Maybe I'll stop running the same events that I used to run.  Trail races of all distances are currently the most appealing to me.  That is a different type of training, one that appeals to my motivation and time better than track and road races.

Training Recap: March 4th-10th

March 4th- I ran home from work at 1:30 in the morning so I am counting that as my run for the day.  I was going to run a 'real' run later but it was extremely windy and I was tired from the past two days.  I will still easily meet my weekly goal of 62+.  Big T and Blu have 90+ on their schedule and they will be here from Wednesday night through Sunday.  2/62 miles down!

March 5th- The weather has taken a turn for the better as it is 20 degrees warmer and 20 mph less windy!  I got in over an hour of running for around 8.5 miles.  It was at a decent pace.  I find that I often run slower than I should so I am trying to run faster on runs here and there.  10.5/62

March 6th- I didn't feel that great so it was a slower pace but it was still over an hour for the second day in a row.  18.5/62

March 7th- The bros are here!  Ran over an hour in the morning at Vedauwoo for 9 then went down to Ft. Collins for a New Belgium Brewery tour before running another 5 on the Northern part of the Foothills Trail.  32.5/62

March 8th- Ran for 2 hours at Curt Gowdy State Park for 17 with Big T and Blu.  I am hoping that the 50k next month feels easier running uphill at 8:30 pace on the trails.  Although, what comes up must come down so I won't be running that slow the whole time.  Took an AccelGel at 45 minutes and I probably won't take one of those again.  It tasted pretty average and made my stomach slosh around.  It was bearable but not nearly as good as a Chia Surge.  I had one of those ready to take but I wasn't really feeling it after the AccelGel.  49.5/62

March 9th-  Took the day off.  The last two days were quite taxing on my body and I know I can get my mileage complete on the last day.  Still at 49.5.

March 10th-  Ran a decent pace 6 miles in the AM then went back to Curt Gowdy for another 7.  Ran back to hidden falls with Isaiah, Steph, and Eric before running back up Mo Rocka for awhile to check out the Chameleon.  Finished out the mileage with a bit of the Stone Temple Circuit.  I really enjoy running at Curt Gowdy.  62.5/62!

Weekly Goals:
Beat my weekly mileage by .5!  Ran a solid 2+ hour long run.  I am feeling more prepared for this ultra every week.  I am very happy with the way this week went.

Next week's goals:
Mileage: 66
Long Run: 19-20
Weight: Keep getting that down.  At 158-159 consistently right now.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nike Victory Elite Review

I was lucky enough to win 2 pairs of Nike Victory Elites.  Let me tell you, these shoes are amazing.  The upper is lightweight and much more breathable than its predecessor and the new and improved full-length carbon fiber plate makes these mid distance spikes feel quite agressive and fast.  In fact, that plate makes these shoes feel like they would be ideal for the 400-600-800 distance.  I would be hesitant to use them in longer races but I have seen the original Victory used often in 10ks and XC races.  It will be interesting to see how the new material will hold up over time.  I have no doubts about the Flywire or plate but the areas of the upper that are not held together by the external flywire may have issues.  That being said, these shoes are going to be worn most often by elites, hence the name, and high level collegians.  Those types of athletes don't race as often as high schoolers and if they do choose to workout in these shoes they are probably at some level of sponsorship that they can get these shoes for free or highly discounted.  My overall recommendation would be to go with the cheaper Victory 2s or even the original Victory if you can still find them.  These shoes are great but the differences are minimal compared to their predeccesors.  They also might be more limited in range than previous Victorys due to the aforementioned longer plate.  Like always, I recommend trying on a shoe in your local running shoe to see if you like it.  Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Minnesotan Times- Women

This list is by no means all-encompassing.  If you know of any updates to this list please let me know.

1. Heather Kampf 2:00.41, 2011
2. Laura Januszewski 2:01.01, 2011
3. Gabe Anderson 2:02.83, 2012
4. Sarah Thorsett 2:03.83, 1996
5. Ada Anderson 2:05.38, 2005
6. Amber Affeldt 2:05.88, 1997
7. Jeanne Kruckeberg 2:06.38, 1989
8. Marie Borner 2:06.39, 2010
9. Nikki Swenson 2:07.19, 2009
10. Jamie Cheever 2:07.46, 2007

1. Gabe Anderson 4:04.84, 2012
2. Kara Goucher 4:05.14, 2006
3. Sarah Thorsett 4:05.87, 1996
4. Carrie Tollefson 4:06.13, 2004
5. Cathie Twomey 4:11.96, 1981
6. Heather Kampf 4:12.09, 2011
7. Leslie Seymour 4:35.54 (4:15.21c)
8. Jody Eder 4:15.59, 1984
9. Elizabeth Yetzer 4:18.11, 2009
10. Nikki Swenson 4:18.38, 2011

1. Kara Goucher 8:34.99, 2007
2. Gabe Anderson 8:43.52, 2012
3. Carrie Tollefson 8:44.63, 2006
4. Leslie Seymour 8:51.34, 1987
5. Lynn Nelson 8:55.57, 1988
6. Stephanie Herbst 8:57.12, 1986
7. Cathie Twomey 8:59.66, 1984
8. Sarah Thorsett 9:05.51, 1996
9. Tracy Dahl 9:15.57, 1993
10. McKenzie Melander 9:21.59, 2012

1. Jaime Cheever 9:51.42, 2012
2. Katie Moraczewski 10:18.60, 2012
3. Maddie McClellan 10:19.39, 2012
4. Ladia Albertson-Junkans 10:34.13, 2008
5. Greta Sieve 10:34.91, 2010
6. Katie Theisen 10:36.39, 2009
7. Katie Dolan 10:37.86, 2010
8. Alyssa Sybilrud 10:38.52, 2010
9. Elaine Eggleston 10:44.11, 2001
10. Victoria Moses 10:44.42. 2002

1. Kara Goucher 14:55.02, 2007
2. Carrie Tollefson 15:04.07, 2004
3. Lynn Nelson 15:12.7, 1988
4. Cathie Twomey 15:17.02, 1988
5. Stephanie Herbst 15:42.36, 1986
6. Gabe Anderson 15:45.99, 2011
7. Tracy Dahl 15:49.52, 1993
8. McKenzie Melander 15:57.13, 2012
9. Leslie Seymour 15:57.52, 1988
10. Janis Klecker 15:57.xx, ????

1. Kara Goucher 30:55.16, 2008
2. Lynn Nelson 31:51.27, 1988
3. Stephanie Herbst 32:32.75, 1986
4. Cathie Twomey 32:38.11, 1984
5. Alex Gits 33:19.42, 2008
6. Eileen Donaghy 33:31.96, 1988
7. Stephanie Price 34:02.75, 2011
8. Laura Docherty 34:07.40 2012
9. McKenzie Melander 34:29.83, 2012
Janis Klecker 31:44, 1990*

1. Kara Goucher 1:08:05, 2009
2. Janis Klecker 1:10:41, ????
3. Lynn Nelson 1:12:30, 1996
4. Leah Thorvilson 1:15:00, 2010
5. Jennifer Houck 1:15:53, 2010
6. Dani Stack 1:17:26, 2012
7. Kelly Brinkman 1:18:10, 2012
8. Kate Koski 1:18:29, 2008
9. Kim Kauls 1:18:12
10. Bonnie Sons 1:24:35, 2011

1. Kara Goucher 2:25:53, 2008
2. Janis Klecker 2:30:12, 1992
3. Jennifer Houck 2:33:00, 2011
4. Lynn Nelson 2:33:31, 1988
5. Linda Zeman 2:34:52, 1988
6. Cathie Twomey 2:35:43, 1986
7. Leah Thorvilson 2:37:26, 2012
8. Kate Koski 2:42:33, 2002
9. Kim Kauls 2:43:01, 2000
10. Johanna Olson 2:43:27, 2003
*indicates that Janis ran this at Drake Relays on the Roads in 1990.

Top Minnesotan Times- Men

This list is by no means all-encompassing.  This is just what myself and cohorts at tracktalk were able to come up with.  If you have any updates please let me know!

1. Steve Holman 1:44.98, 1995
2. Scott Clark 1:46.61, 1981
3. David Pachuta 1:46.62, 2012
4. Harun Abda 1:46.65, 2012
5. Mike Slack 1:46.9, 2007
6. Garrett Heath 1:47.26, 2010
7. Toby Henkels 1:47.29, 2002
8. Zach Mellon 1:47.45, 2010
9. Will Leer 1:47.69, 2007
10. Trent Riter 1:47.79, 2004
1500/Mile (Sub-4 or 1500 equiv.)
1. Steve Holman 3:31.52/3:50.40, 1997
2. Garrett Heath 3:36.03, 2012
3. Will Leer 3:36.33, 2011/12
4. Mike Slack 3:37.46, 1977
5. Ben Blankenship 3:54.10, 2011
6. Rob Finnerty 3:38.60, 2012
7. Paul Michalek 3:39.94, 1996
8. Luke Watson 3:57.83, 2004
9. Jeff Jirele 3:58.26, 1978
10. Steve Plasencia 3:58.34, 1982
11. Sean Graham 3:58.40, 2007
12. Elliot Heath 3:58.46, 2012
13. Jake Watson 3:59.40, 2007
14. Ted Nelson 3:59.4, 1966
15. Carson Hoeft 3:41.99
16. Jon Stublaski 3:42.20, 2010

1. Steve Holman 7:42.49, 1996
2. Mark Nenow 7:43.01, 1989
3. Elliott Heath 7:45.08, 2012
4. Garrett Heath 7:45.80, 2012
5. Sean Graham 7:46.9, 2006
6. Luke Watson 7:49.56, 2004
7. Ben Blankenship 7:49.70, 2011
8. Will Leer 7:49.73, 2010
9. Garry Bjorklund 7:51.07c, 1976
10. Justin Tyner 7:53.91

3000 Steeplechase
1. Donovan Bergstrom 8:29.08, 1993
2. Don Timm 8:32.72, 1976
3. Luke Watson 8:36.12, 2006
4. Justin Tyner 8:37.54, 2012
5. Andy Tate 8:38.01, 2001
6. Jim Gathje 8:39.80, 1985
7. Larry Berkner 8:42.84, 1980
8. Don Hurley 8:43.19, 1983
9. Craig Cassen 8:43.02, 1991
10. Eric Pierce 8:44.33 2000

1. Mark Nenow 13:18.54, 1984
2. Steve Plasencia 13:19.47
3. Sean Graham 13:23.50, 2007
4. Elliott Heath 13:26.14, 2012
5. Garrett Heath 13:27.07, 2012
6. Hassan Mead 13:28.45, 2011
7. Garry Bjorklund 13:32.33, 1976
8. Luke Watson 13:35.08, 2003
9. Will Leer 13:36.15, 2012
10. Justin Tyner 13:37.66, 2011

1. Mark Nenow 27:20.56, 1986
2. Steve Plasencia 27:45.20
3. Hassan Mead 27:59.04, 2012
4. Garry Bjorklund 27:46.9, 1984
5. Bob Kempainen 28:23.80, 1993
6. Dave Morrison 28:34.03, 1985
7. Elliott Heath 28:47.69, 2011
8. Paul Gisselquist 29:00.05, 1987
9. John Idstrom 29:03.64, 1982
10. Lloyd Ness 29:03.64, 1982

Half Marathon
1. Bob Kempainen 1:00:48, 1995
2.Antonio Vega 1:01:54, 2010
3. Steve Plasencia 1:03:37, 1996
4. Luke Watson 1:03:51, 2009
5. Chris Erichsen 1:04:29, 2011
6. Mike Torchia 1:04:47, 2011
7. Chris Raabe 1:05:06, 2011
8. Dick Beardsley 1:06:15, 1987
9. Justin Grunewald 1:06:34, 2010
10. Ben Sathre 1:06:48, 2012

1. Bob Kempainen 2:08:47
2. Dick Beardsley 2:08:53
3. Gerry Bjorklund 2:10:20
4. Steve Hoag 2:11:54
5. Steve Plasencia 2:12:51, 1994
6. Antonio Vega 2:13:47
7. Mark Nenow 2:14:21, 1988
8. Chris Raabe 2:15:31, 2011
9. Luke Watson 2:15:29, 2009
10. Chris Erichsen 2:16:31, 2012