Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15-21st Training Recap- The Hay is in the Barn

April 15th- Went out for an easy 4 with Alex.  Windchill around 0.  I thought this was Spring?  Only 12 days out.

April 16th- Didn't run

April 17th- 6 miles at a decent pace.

April 18th- 4 miles.

April 19th- 4 quick miles!

April 20th- Ran a 5k, it felt too fast from the start.  I guess that's what happens when you never do workouts.  The high school team took off at a very unsustainable pace.  I finished 6th in 17:52.  It was 4 loops around the park and the race was large enough that we lapped people as we started.  They also devised a system to help you count to 4 by handing you a different colored ribbon each lap.  It was bad.  But it was for charity and Alex won $30 for his efforts.

April 21st- 2nd attempt at getting out to Curt Gowdy State Park for a trail run.  We've given up all hope of being on Happy Jack's trails for awhile, they're still enjoying good xc skiing there!  We made it to Gowdy and attempted to run on the trails for about 2 minutes.  There was 6" to 12" of snow on the trails and it was icy due to melting and refreezing a few times.  Surely not runnable.  We took to the road through the park.  It was very scenic and the way out very enjoyable.  We turned around after nearly 40 minutes.  The way back was much harder as we had gone downhill about 300 feet including some long climbs and were now running into a 35-50 mph wind.  It took 4 minutes longer to get back with a much harder effort.

32 miles on the week, ironically too similar to the distance I will be attempting to complete in about 4 hours on the 27th.