Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Routine Time- 8/19-8/25

This second half of the summer has been riddled with guests.  Don't get me wrong here, I love my family and friends but they do make it hard to devote enough time for my full running schedule.  The second half of this week won't have visitors so it is time for me to start developing my routine for working, running and school.  I will be busy and time management is key.

8/19- I got one run in while Danielle was getting her wisdom teeth taken out in Loveland, CO.  34 minutes.  Luke, Lars and Krista arrived mid-afternoon and I got another run in at Vedauwoo of 33 minutes.  I am excited to see what Luke can run at the SDSU Classic as a 47-flat 400 runner who is starting to get into distance running.  After the run we scrambled to the top of Turtle Rock.

67 minutes after one day.

8/20- Didn't run today but got 13 miles of hilly hiking done at 10,000+ feet for the whole thing.

8/21- 32 minutes of easy running, feeling a little sick to the stomach.

8/22- 31 minutes of running and still not feeling the best.  Looking forward to trying to get back into the routine starting tomorrow.

8/23- I had to get back on the track today.  The plan was to run 8 to 16 x 400 at my goal pace for the Sioux Falls 5k.  My goal time is 15:40 so essentially 75s.  I have been battling a cold for awhile now and that made breathing a little hard for the first two but after that I was hitting 73-74 every time.  I used about 30 meter walk and 170 jog for my recovery.  It was usually between 55 and 65 seconds.  I ended up running 16 400s and felt like I could have done more.  I think 15:40 is within my reach right now.  Total time with a long cool down was 96 minutes.

226 minutes after today.  I should still be able to hit 400 minutes this week with a solid long run tomorrow morning.