Saturday, January 28, 2012

Puma Faas 250 Review

In my first blog I talked about a recently acquired shoe; the Puma Faas 250.  I found these shoes, which retail at $80, for just $25.50.  It was a deal too good to pass up.  I hadn't really done much research on the shoes but had seen all the ads and I have always been fascinated by the Puma logo so I gave the shoes a shot.  Even if they didn't work out for running, I could wear them to chill.  Anyway, here's my review.

MSRP: $80
Weight: 6.7 oz

Feel: This shoe is amazingly lightweight and responsive.  Like I said, I didn't do too much research on the shoe. It was a good deal and I didn't want to pass it up.  I had expected it to be more like a typical trainer but it was not at all.  It reminded me of training in my Nike Zoom Streak XC 2s, something I enjoy very much.  It was not entirely like the Streak XC 2.  The Streak is pretty close to zero-drop and the Faas 250 is probably about 6mm up compared to the Streak.  I don't know proper measuring techniques but I would guess the drop is around 6mm.  Traditional trainers are 12mm.
The upper is a very lightweight mesh and it seems to be durable. I only have about 100 miles on mine but they look almost new still even after running on a few trails and a decent amount of gravel roads.  Initially I had an issue with the end of the tongue cutting the end of my toes.  I found a simple solution; don't tie the shoes as tight.  Right away, it felt weird having them a little looser but after getting used to that sensation I was very happy with the fit.
I like the way the mid-sole and sole are constructed.  They are very simple, just what I like.  The mid-sole has Puma's new BioRide technology and seems to be quite durable.  It doesn't have any motion control, or stability, a very neutral shoe.  The sole is also very simple.  It is pretty much a solid piece of rubber.  It is fairly grippy and is much better in the winter than my Frees.  Frees collect snow and rocks in the cracks on the bottom.  The Faas occasionally grabs small rocks but they don't affect performance and are easily removed after the run.
The heel cup is pretty typical, it is slightly smaller than usual, probably to keep the shoe light.  It is fairly firm but not too firm or too high.  It fits my heel nicely
The toe box is very wide and roomy.  I have long toes and wide feet, my shoe size is 10.5 but sometimes I need to buy 11s to fit my feet.  In these shoes I definitely can fit into a 10 and will next time around.

Durability: I don't expect these shoes to last as long as my frees.  They are very lightweight construction.  I have no doubt that they are well made but lightweight means that something was sacrificed somewhere along the way.  I wouldn't expect these shoes to wear out any sooner than an average trainer.  I don't have any immediate concerns when it comes to durability.

Uses: These shoes are very versatile.  I have run up to 16 miles in one go with them as well has having done hills, 400m intervals, and a tempo run in them.  They are definitely lightweight and make you want to run fast.  They are in the typical marathon flat weight range so I could see them being used for that.

Look: I think these shoes look great.  I am a fan of black shoes and have always admired Puma's looks.  I have always wondered how good their running shoes are and I think they are on the right track with the Faas series and I hope they continue.

Overall, I was very impressed with Puma's Faas 250.  They are definitely worth more than I paid for them.  I wish them the best of luck in the running industry!

Get the New Faas 800 Running Shoe at PUMA

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jacks at Bill Bergan Invitational

The Jackrabbits travel to Ames for the Bill Bergan Invitational to be held on Saturday, January 28th.  Participating teams are Kansas State, Marquette, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, North Dakota State, South Dakota, Wisconsin and your SDSU Jackrabbits.  As you can see, the competition is all Division I.  Tough competition and ISU's 300 meter indoor track hope to spur on some fast times for the Jacks.

Mike Krsnak will run his first 3k of the year and hopes to upset some big competition.  He ran well last weekend in the mile.  Greg Vollmer opens up his season for SDSU in the Mile Run.  Vollmer hasn't competed indoors for SDSU since 2010.  There are many non-distance events to look forward to.  I'm especially excited to see Brandon Priebe in the 60 hurdles and 400.  The men's High Jump includes Eric Kynard, a talented and entertaining jumper.  The Men's mile will be a battle between high school rivals Rob Finnerty and Hassan Mead.  The two duked it out in the DMR at last years Drake Relays.

Drake Relays DMR Here

Most of SDSU's field event competitors will be traveling to Mankato on Saturday.

Heat Sheets


2011 Results

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Listening to Your Body

There are a few things that I stress when it comes to running.  Listening to your body is definitely one of them.  This week I have had a cold but have been getting decent sleep and I have had some nice workouts and recovery runs.  Today, I was just beginning my run and I stepped on a crack and my ankle rolled a little bit.  It's a little swollen and painful but it feels like it will be good in a few days.  I am scheduled to race in two days at the Iowa State Bill Bergan Invite in the 3000 meters.  That still may or may not happen.  I think I'm just going to listen to my body.  As you run more you realize that running can hurt.  It is up to you to discern whether that pain is good for you or bad for you.  In the case of my ankle, running on it right now is probably not good.  That pain shows that the tissue is damaged and needs to heal.  Running on such an injury can slow the healing process or lead to further injury.  I learned that in Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries.  My teacher said the worst advice to give is "tough it out".  An example of a good pain is the burning in your legs and lungs when completing a tough workout.  Workouts are designed to stress your body and the pain is a sign of that stress occurring.

So I may or may not run this weekend.  My body might just be saying take it easy.  Whatever my body says goes.  And I'm going to take that in stride, keep getting good training in and focus on the 5k next weekend at Nebraska.

Top MN Runners of All-Time- Girls List

A sequel to the Boys list.  Like the boys list, this only includes high school achievements.  The rankings are based on times, post-season meets, head to head match-ups, range, and state championships won. These are pretty objective and entirely my opinion.  Feel free to leave a comment if I forgot someone, if you don't like my order, or anything else.  Enjoy!

1. Elizabeth Yetzer ('06), Lakeville/Lakeville North- Yetzer finished 3rd, 5th, 4th, 2nd, 1st and 1st in AA Cross Country competitions.  That consistent high level of performance is rare in girls cross country.  Often girls are good when young and fade away or become good as they get older.  Yetzer also had the best range of any girl ever in Minnesota.  Her PRs of 2:10, 4:46, and 10:08 combined with her XC credentials make her #1.
Yetzer in spotted vents

2. Jeanne Kruckeberg ('86) Blooming Prairie- Jeanne is the fastest 800m runner in the state's history as well as the third fastest 1600m runner. 2:08 and 4:48 respectively.  Not only was she fast but nobody was even close to her in class A competitions in her era.

3. Bria Wetsch ('06), Holy Family- Wetsch ran 10:10 (10:06 3200) at the National Two-Mile in 2006 and ran the state meet in 13:54, faster than Yetzer on the same day.  She also beat Nikki Swenson by 21 seconds at the same race.  Bria also had a 1600 PR of 4:49 and an 800 PR of 2:13i.

4. Carrie Tollefson ('95), Lac Qui Parle- Carrie had PRs of 2:15, 4:58, and 10:30.  She won numerous track titles and won 5 cross country titles.  2 of those in AA and 3 in A.  Her last cross country title was over the formidable Kara Wheeler (Goucher) with a time of 14:09 in AA.

5. Nikki Swenson ('07), Dawson-Boyd- Nikki had PRs of 2:12, 4:53 and 10:55.  Nikki had 7 state titles in track and 2 in cross country.  She also recorded 2 second place finishes in cross country and many more in track.  She most likely would have had even more titles if she had been able to run more than two distance events.  Her state meet schedule often included the 400 combined with 2 distance events.
Swenson vs. Calabrese

6. Shannon Bergstedt ('04) Hopkins- Bergstedt has troubles during cross country but ran well on the track recording PRs of 2:16, 4:49, and 10:26.  Her best cross country finish was 2nd in 2002.

7. Lisa Dyer ('01) Moorhead- Won one state Cross title by nearly 20 seconds and carried track bests of 4:54 and 10:27.

8. Maria Bug Hauger ('13) Shakopee- Has won 3 AA Cross Country titles and has a shot at one more.  Also brings track PRs of 10:41 and 4:59 with two seasons to better those.

9. Lani Granowski ('80) Owatonna- Brings track PRs of 4:55 and 10:33 all the way from the 70s.  Also had a runner up finish in xc.

10. Michele Marthaler ('86) Belgrade-Brooten- Won state cross country in 1985 with a then course record of 11:06 and had a 1600 best of 4:53 and 3200 best of 10:32.

Honorable Mention: Lisa Waanen ('03) Maple Grove, Kara Wheeler ('95) Duluth East, Bonnie Sons ('83) Norwood-Young America, Heather Dorniden ('05) Rosemount, Hannah Grinaker ('06) Detroit Lakes, Ladia Albertson ('04) Stillwater, Jamie Cheever ('05) Minneapolis SW, JoAnna Deeter ('96) Eden Prairie, Heidi Lindeman ('02) Coon Rapids

After completing my list and trying to not make the same mistakes as the guys I find myself afraid that I made different ones.  Girls were even harder because some were great at cross country and not good at track and others were the opposite.  Some were great but had really off days, especially when they got older.  Then there's the ever present question of where to put the middle-distance stars.  Obviously Kruckeberg is good but does any other mid-distance runner deserve a spot?  I think my list is pretty good but again, I encourage comments and discussion.

Scott Bauhs and Luke Puskedra at Houston Half


How would Scott Bauhs and Luke Puskedra have faired in the US Marathon trials had they ran that instead of the Houston Half the next day?  

This is a very interesting question.  Many were skeptical of both of their decisions to run this race.  Many were skeptical of Bauhs because they thought he belonged in the trials with the big boys.  I think he proved in this race that he did belong there.  Others were skeptical of Luke because this is a hard effort before an NCAA track season that can already get long and stressful.  Many expected Luke to run 63-65 minutes but nobody saw him running this fast.  Scott ran 61:30 and Luke ran 61:37 for the half-marathon.  Those times roughly convert to low-2:09 times.  Just the times it would have taken to qualify for the Olympics.  Other half-marathon PRs of trials competitors:

Meb 61:00
Hall 59:43 (American Record)
Abdi 61:07
Ritz 60:00
Gotcher 62:09
Carlson 62:21
Cabada 62:32

You get the picture, these two men ran the half-marathon faster than all but the top 4 in the trials race.  I know basing a marathon prediction on a half-marathon is a big leap but it at least shows potential in Bauhs and Puskedra.  I doubt Luke is doing marathon training in Eugene right now but he probably is doing fairly high miles and would just have to tweak here and there to get ready for a big marathon.  I assume Scott was more fit than he thought otherwise he might have taken a crack at the marathon as well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spike Review: Nike Zoom Mamba 2

Nike's newest edition to its spike line is the Zoom Mamba 2.  The Mamba 2 is an update to the Mamba but it doesn't have too many updates.  I won't go into too much detail on other factors because the spike is so similar to its predecessor.  However, I loved the Mamba so I like this spike even more.  The main update to this spike is the upper.  The upper on the Mamba 2 is much lighter, softer, and better fitting than the Mamba.  I liked the mesh upper of the original Mamba but this new mesh is so much better.  The Mamba 2's upper feels better than any upper I have ever felt.  I personally am not a fan of the flywire and plastic-like feel of the Victory and Matumbo.  The Mamba 2 has the same sole and spike plate as the original.  The spike plate is still hard and plastic so it may not be best for harder tracks and cross country.  The Mamba 2 will become Nike's go-to steeple spike in the spring.  It will also serve as a nice mid-distance and sometimes distance spike.  It will most likely remain behind the Zoom Victory and Zoom Matumbo in popularity.  Last but certainly not least, the colorway is legit!

This spike was last seen on the feet of Hassan Mead winning the Jack Johnson Open 3k.

Weight: 3.9 oz
Release Date: Jan 1st
MSRP: $115

Which Marathon? Deadwood!

Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon

Until yesterday, I had a very hard time deciding on a marathon to run.  I knew that I was going to run a long distance ran this summer, I just didn't know which one.  I had even thought about skipping the marathon and going right into the 50k, maybe The Lean Horse, or The Bear Chase.  I may also do those races but I have decided upon a marathon.  The decision came to me when looking for marathons and I had narrowed it down to a few.  I was looking at registration dates and prices and when I looked at this one it just looked right.  I mean, the price was going to go up $20 if I didn't register within two days.  And the price is much lower than a lot of races that I could have run, including the New York City Marathon, set to cost $255 this year.

Anyway, the race I decided to run is the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon on June 3rd.  I thought June 3rd would be a good time because I would still be in shape coming off Conference Track and it's not too close to the wedding!  The whole "trail" thing might intimidate some but the Mickelson is nothing more than a gravel road without cars on it.  But that gravel road passes through some beautiful terrain.  It also has some reasonable hills and altitude to deal with.  My goal for now is to win.  If I gain a bunch of confidence and fitness in the next 5 months maybe I'll attempt the course record of 2:35.  I know I could run that fast on a road marathon but this whole trail/hill/altitude thing makes me a little unsure.

I am excited for my first foray into the longer distances.  It is a long time coming.  After many 20 and 22 mile long runs I feel I am ready to race 26.2 and more!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Summit League Women's Team Scores

Here are the team score predictions for the Summit League.  NDSU dominates in a very well balanced effort.  SUU also has a well balanced effort for second followed by the two South Dakota schools in a close race for third.  It will be hard for anybody to catch the Bison but 2nd place is still well within reach for the Jacks!  The Jacks scored best in the High Jump and Weight Throw.

1. NDSU 234
2. SUU 101
3. USD 77
4. SDSU 69
5. UMKC 51
6. ORU 50
7. OU 43
8. WIU 30
9. IPFW 3

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Winning the 2011 Pat Boros Trail 10k

Today, January 24th, is my Dad's Birthday.  His name recently came up in a discussion of great runners in Minnesota's High School history.  While not among the top-10 ever, my dad was, and is, a great runner.  His greatest high school achievement was winning the 1982 State Cross Country Meet at the U of Minnesota Golf Course.  He defeated Bob Jirele of Rochester Lourdes by 13 seconds, then a record for the largest margin of victory.  He was nearly undefeated that year, losing only to an eventual Iowa state champion from Sheldon.  On the track he recorded PRs of 4:29 and 9:27. After high school, my dad ran for Mankato State University and had a successful career.  Today, he still runs regularly and is a cross country and track coach at Hutchinson High School.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Summit League Predictions- Women's Field!

Here is the Women's Field edition of my Summit League Predictions!  Go Jacks!  Same rules apply to these as to the others; no whining, use this as motivation if you want to place higher!

High Jump
1. Toni Tollefson, NDSU
2. Mary Wirth, SDSU
3. Kali Olson, SDSU
4. Lora Shearer, SDSU
5. Analisa Huschle, USD
6. Micah Jones, OU
7. Shaye Maurer, SUU
8. Twila Moser, NDSU

Pole Vault
1. Leslie Brost, NDSU
2. Emily Grove, USD
3. Amy Marquardt, NDSU
4. Caitlin Mack, NDSU
5. Megan Meyer, USD
6. Lauren McFarland, ORU
7. Linhchi Lai, ORU
8. Betsey Whisonant, USD

Long Jump
1. Micah Jones, OU
2. Kristen Killoran, NDSU
3. Analisa Huschle, USD
4. Lora Shearer, SDSU
5. Katie Dockter, NDSU
6. Kenna Wolter, USD
7. Jazmine Cooper, UMKC
8. Shaye Maurer, SUU

Triple Jump
1. Kristen Killoran, NDSU
2. Stephany Johnson, UMKC
3. Kenna Wolter, USD
4. Micah Jones, OU
5. Analisa Huschle, USD
6. Briana Carter, UMKC
7. Shakira Thomas, UMKC
8. Megan McGlone, WIU

Shot Put
1. Kayla Kovar, SUU
2. Brooke Garner, SDSU
3. Emily Lesser, NDSU
4. Dana LaRue, WIU
5. Kathryn Johnson, NDSU
6. Adrienne Hill, SUU
7. Camila Pirelli, ORU
8. Jessica Ortega, WIU

Weight Throw
1. Brooke Garner, SDSU
2. Dana LaRue, WIU
3. Emily Lesser, NDSU
4. Kayla Kovar, SUU
5. Roxanne Koke, UMKC
6. Denise Banda, UMKC
7. Dahila Dyson, UMKC
8. Lizzy Jones, WIU

1. Shaye Maurer, SUU
2. Lora Shearer, SDSU
3. Kristen Killoran, NDSU
4. Camila Pirelli, ORU
5. Emily Stalpes, NDSU
6. Twila Moser, NDSU
7. Cheyenne Thatcher, SUU
8. Kim Nagy, UMKC

Shoe Review: Nike Free 3.0 V3

Nike Free 3.0 V3 Review

Oh the Nike Free 3.0.  For many years I was stubborn and only wore 5.0s, Run +, and Run + 2s.  I now regret my decision after wearing the 3.0s!  The 3.0s have been made by Nike for a number of years and while the uppers always look a little different, they are pretty much the same shoe.

Retail Cost: $90.00
Weight: 7.1 oz (standard size 9)
Stack Height (Heel-Toe): 21-14mm

Feel: The Free 3.0 is a great minimalist shoe.  Unlike the 5.0 and Run + series it actually is more minimal than most neutral trainers.  The foam is visibly thinner in spaces and in the ball of the foot and arch there is foam removed for added flexion.  The Free 3.0 also has a fairly wide toe box that is only stretchy mesh.  I like this because it allows your toes to really expand and grip the ground like you would with a proper barefoot stride.  As you can see in the stack height, the heel to toe drop is 7mm.  That is less than most trainers but a true minimalist shoe will have 0 drop. The all mesh upper also provides great comfort and breathability throughout the whole foot.  Like most shoes in the Free line the 3.0 has a sock like feel. Again, like all Frees that are designed for running, the midsole doubles as the outsole and is made of Phylite.

Look: The Free 3.0 looks pretty legit.  I wasn’t a big fan of the original colorways but they have made some great updates.  I went with the plain black and grey.  The black makes the shoe look even more slim and fast than the slimmed down 3.0 already does.  Can’t go wrong with a classic!  The rubber on the sides serves more looks than function.

Durability: I will report more on this as I wear the shoes.  I have worn 5.0s and Run + for thousands of miles per pair.  However, those are held together by thicker mesh and leather.  They should stay together better than the 3.0.  I suspect that these shoes would last at least 500 miles.  However, other than the mesh, I am scared of one thing about these shoes.  It is the stretchy cloth piece that is on the heel.  It reminds me of my first Frees, the original 5.0s and the back ripped out on those after 50 or so miles.  The back ripping doesn’t render the shoe useless but changes the feel and make for a cold run in the winter.

Uses: The 3.0 are light enough to use for workouts like tempos, fartleks, hills.  Pretty much anything that isn’t really fast or requiring of quick turns.  They would also be good as a beginner shoe in transitioning to minimalism.  They still have a little bit of foam on the bottom and are far from zero-drop so your calves wouldn’t take too much of a beating.  If you didn’t want to go the minimalist route but wanted to change it up once a week to strengthen your legs, this would also be a good shoe.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top Marathoners of 2011

  2011 was the most exciting year in marathon history.  Men pushed their bodies to the limits and began racing the marathon from the start.  Also pushed to the limits were general opinion of the public on how fast the marathon can be run.  Many have wondered if the two-hour barrier can be broken.  Here are the top-10 marathoners of 2011 and details of their achievements.

  1.       Geoffrey Mutai- Mutai set course records at Boston (2:03:02) and New York (2:05:05).  His Boston time is the fastest ever ran for the distance but will not be considered a record because Boston is a point to point course and wind and elevation can have an effect.  Mutai should have a great chance of breaking the world record when he runs a certified course.

  2.       Moses Mosop- Mosop was second at Boston with a 2:03:06 clocking in his debut!  Look for Moses to break the world record as well.  Mosop also set world records at the 25 and 30k distances at the Pre Classic.

   3.       Emmanuel Mutai- The second fastest man with the surname Mutai ran a course record 2:04:40 at London.
    4.       Patrick Makau- Makau set the world record, 2:03:38, in Berlin but also finished 3rd at London behind Mutai and Martin Lel.
    5.       Wilson Kipsang- Kipsang ran the second fastest certified marathon of all-time, 2:03:42, at Frankfurt.  Kipsang is very good and it will be interesting to see how he fares if he meets up with 1-4 on this list.
    6.  Abel Kirui- Kirui was the world champion in 2009 and again in 2011.  His interesting strategy of only participating in world championship marathons is interesting.      
    7.       Martin Lel- Finished second at London, behind Mutai but ahead of the World Record holder.
    8.       Wilson Chebet- Has the second fastest debut ever at 2:06:12 and won in Amsterdam and Rotterdam this year.
    9.       Vincent Kipruto- Finished a close second at Rotterdam and also took silver at Worlds in Daegu.
    10.  Omari Levy- Finished second at Frankfurt with a 2:05:16 clocking.

Honorable Mention: Albert Matebor (Ken), Ryan Hall (US), Gebre Gebremariam (Eth), Wesley Korir (Ken)

Interestingly, all men in the top 10 are Kenyan.  Seven of them won't be making the Kenyan Olympic Team. Kenyan's Olympic Final 6  

In 2012 I expect the Kenyan's to take all three medals at the Olympics and the World Record to be lowered at least once.  Most, if not all, of the men on this list have a shot at the world record.  It is going to be an exciting year in marathoning!

Jacks at Jack!

The Jackrabbit Track and Field team competed fiercely at the Jack Johnson Invite hosted by the U of Minnesota on Saturday, January 21st.  Solid performances came from all events.

The Men's sprinters ran well with Chris Curry making the finals in the 60m with a PR of 7.17.  Curry and Foote both scored in the 200 with 22.89 and 23.01 respectively.  Foote also ran strong in his heat of the 400, winning with a time of 49.69.

The Mid-D crew brought the heat as usual.  Jake Schneller ran a strong opener with a 1:53.53 opener in the 800.  Mike Krsnak also came back in the 800 with a 1:57.28.  The fast heat of the men's Mile might have been the race of the day.  Krsnak JV kicked his way into second place with a 4:09.03, .13 seconds behind NDSU's Travis Fitzke.  In the second heat of the Mile both Dom Thielen and Drew Kraft ran PRs of 4:18.70 and 4:25.40.  Freshmen Andrew Thies improved by 4 seconds and looks to continue to cut time.   Big T Lusignan comes up big again in the 3000 with an 8:34 beating all of Minnesota's Freshmen.  Out of the second heat, I ran well and Brian Brochman had a great first race in a Jackrabbit uniform.  Most importantly, Brian beat his rival, Marty Joyce of NDSU.

Brandon Priebe in the 60m hurdles and the 4x4 remained consistent in their second meet of the year.

In the men's field Jared Vlastuin finished second in the High Jump tying his PR of 2.10 meters.  The Men's Pole Vault, Calvin Cammack and Ryan Schaefer placed with vaults of 4.75 and 4.60 meters.  Vlastuin also won the Long Jump with a Jump of 7.26 meters.  Bennett Mercil PR'd by 500 points in the Heptathlon with a score of 4097.  In the throwing arena, Jake Brinkmann placed 7th in the Weight Throw.

On the Women's side the sprinters represented well.  3 women, Ashley Odegaard, Megan Bren, and Gina Fritz , qualified for finals in the 60m.  Bren also placed in the 200 with a timing of 25.99.

Krista Creager started off the distance crew with an ever consistant 2:19.  Laura Lawton took 5 seconds off last week and Brooke Peterson ran well doubling back from the mile.  In the Mile run, Tera Potts runs a near PR 5:09, Danielle McCann runs a 10 second PR of 5:15, and Brooke Peterson runs nearly 10 seconds faster than last week.  Erin Hargens ran 10:03 in the 3k.  She now ranks 2nd in the Summit League in that event.  Courtney Neubert had a nice 3k debut at 10:38 and ran a very smart race.

In the Women's field, Ashley Odegaard captured a 3rd place finish with a near PR of 5.27 meters.  Mary Wirth, Lora Shearer, and Kali Olson all placed for the Jackrabbits in the high jump. Wirth also placed 4th in the Triple Jump.  Brooke Garner led the throwers with a 4th place finish in the Weight Throw.  In the Pentathlon, Lora Shearer improves her Summit League leading score with a 3597.

Overall, it was a great day to be a Jackrabbit!

Now for the important part; the selection of the Athlete of the meet.  It was especially hard this meet as there were many great performances but none that stood out far above the rest.

This week's winner is one who will always be in consideration because he is always jumping high and far and is near the top of the competition.  Jared Vlastuin jumped to second in the Summit High Jump Standings and further secured his second place in the Long Jump Standings.

Honorable Mention #1 is the Milers- Big PRs for Dom and Danielle and small PRs for Drew and Krsnak.  Krsnak also almost won.

Honorable Mention #2 is Erin Hargens.  Erin ran the second fastest time in The Summit League in the 3000 in her Jackrabbit debut at the distance.  I may have to change my picks for the conference meet now!

Honorable Mention #3 are the Multi-event stars Bennett and Lora.  Bennett PR'd by 500 points and Lora extended her Summit League lead in the event while winning the event.