Thursday, January 9, 2014

My New Year's Revolutions

1. Consume less processed food, especially corn.  It is quite unhealthy and I don't want to support large agribusinesses and the government's farm subsidy policies.

2. Support local businesses and consume local goods as much as possible.  When not shopping at local stores, shop at places that have a good reputation for treating their employees and communities well.

3. Average 10 miles per day of running for all of 2014.  Since it is the 6th day of the year and I have not yet run, I have some work to do.

4. Waste less time browsing facebook, playing tetris (on facebook), etc.  Social media has its uses but I don't want it to dominate my life.

5. Read 100 books.

6. Spend more time volunteering and serving others.

7. Bike to work every day and to other places when possible.

8. Achieve and maintain a weight of around 150 lbs.

9. Reach 300 different disc golf courses played (currently 249)

10. Use cash or debit more often to keep money out of the hands of big banks.