Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally Getting Serious- 7/15-7/21

Monday 7/15- 10 miles in just under 66 minutes.  This pace is feeling fairly comfortable for me.  My strength is there and now I just have to hone my speed endurance.

Tuesday 7/16- 7 miles in a pretty typical 50 minutes before work.

Wednesday 7/17- Solid 8 miles on the trails with Jason.  Pushed the hills and felt good.

Thursday 7/18- An easy 6, my butt is a little sore from the overall mileage and the uphills on the trails.  Will watch carefully!

Friday 7/19- 10 miles in just over 70.  It is hard to get in 10 within Laramie, I ran around most of the town!

Saturday 7/20- Miserable 3 mile warm up, hit mile 1 in 8:40.  Race went well.  They were supposed to run the 10k then the 5k but they switched them so I didn't get through the whole pre-race routine.  Felt sluggish out of the gate.  Hit the first mile in 5:52 on my way to 16:57.  I think the first mile was long but the course measured acurrately on gmaps.  Results Here.  Ran a 4 mile cool down nice and easy.

Sunday 7/21- I end up taking Sundays off accidently but usually do something active.   Last Sunday, I hiked about 10 miles in the Snowy Range including a summit of Medicine Bow Peak.  Today I mountain biked for over an hour with Danielle.  Next Sunday I probably won't run either as I will be summiting my first 14er- Long's Peak.

51 miles in 6 days is pretty solid!  Looking forward to the coming weeks!

Racing Schedule for the rest of 2013
8/1/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
8/15/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
9/8/13 Sioux Falls 5k/HM
9/21/13 Jelm Mountain Run, Jelm
10/04/13 SDSU Classic 8k, Brookings, SD
10/12/13 Silent Trails 10 Mile, Tie City