Monday, September 23, 2013

2014 Running Goals

One might ask: A little early?  I would say, not when you live in the North!  My racing season will come to a close in 19 days, maybe 26 but that is not nearly as important.  I will probably shut down the running for a week or two to refresh mentally or physically.  Currently, I am leaning towards a shorter break and will probably cycle a bunch.  I didn't really start training for my racing season until July so my body isn't too beat up.  When I start up again, I will be training for 2014 races because there are not really any quality races in the area until spring.  Below you will find my goals for training, racing, and what plans I might have for the upcoming year.

Training goals:
These are the most important goals for if these goals are completed then the other goals will follow.

1. I will train consistently.  This year (2013) I half-assed it through April, attempted to run a 50k, didn't run for about a month, tried to train for an 800, got hurt, didn't run for about 6 weeks, and then finally got it right.  I will train smart and hard the whole year.  I would have run much faster this fall if I hadn't taken off about 10 weeks during the year.
2. I will train for races that I plan to run.  That means that if I decide to run a marathon or longer, I will do sufficient long runs on the proper surface.  If I decide to run Jelm again, I will practice running up and down hills more.
3. I will actually incorporate more workouts into my running.  I didn't hardly do any of these this whole year and I would have been better off if I had done more.  I did one every 2-3 weeks at most and often they weren't high volume or intensity.
4. I will drive to run outside of town more.  I know it's not good for the environment but I biked to work every day from May to September.  Some people commute for a lot longer than I will be driving to some beautiful trails.  I believe that running on trails this summer has made me stronger and healthier than I otherwise would have been.
5. I am currently reading "Racing Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald.  Throughout my running career I have always been one of the bigger runners out there.  I know that by decreasing my body mass, I will be much faster.

Racing Goals

1. To dominate.  This may sound arrogant or not specific enough but I don't really care.  I ran well with limited training this fall and know that I am capable of much more.
2. Run and place well at the 'Big 3' in Laramie.  Pilot Hill, Jelm Mountain, and Silent Trails.  It isn't unrealistic that I could win any or all of them but there are some solid athletes in the area and others that travel here to run these races.
3. Complete my first marathon. I started one once but had bronchitis and quit at halfway.