Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is a Phony

Recently, a photo of a man named Zeddie Little has gained aclaim as Zeddie is apparently running a grueling distance race while still smiling and being photogenic.

Clearly, if you are in any reasonable shape, it would be easy to run at the pace he is running and be able to smile.  Look at the competition around him.  There is the Atlanta Braves grandma to his left and further to his left is the lady who doesn't know the difference between yoga and running pants and feels the need to wear a fanny pack for a 10k.  If these people looked to be in absolute pain I would maybe give the guy some cred but clearly they are not very competitive people that are just out to take part in and hopefully finish this 10k.  I mean yea, he looks good, but I would be much more impressed if he were running at least 35 minutes at the slowest.  Mike Krsnak can smile at a much faster pace than this man.

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