Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey Flotrack!!!

First off, don't make an immature video in response to this blog.  If you actually read LetsRun's article, it was mostly just a reprint of somebody else's article followed by a legit and professional comparison to Universal Sports treatment of this past summer's Diamond League events.  How about another comparison; Netflix costs about $100 per year.  They pay billions of dollars for the rights to stream their movies and shows.  I understand that you have your expenses as well; flights, travel, salaries, site costs, etc, but still! Why do you think you can charge $50 dollars more than them for your average home-made running videos and below average live streams?  If I bought Flotrack Pro for the two big upcoming indoor meets and it either totally failed or was very choppy I would be very, very upset.  Also, charging a lot of money isn't exactly catering to the vast majority of your audience, the high school and collegiate athletes who don't have any money.  I would be willing to bet that if you charged 50 dollars annually you would get at least 3 times the subscribers and further, if you charged 25 dollars that you would get six times the subscribers.  Plus, you would be willing to attract more sponsorship dollars if you have more viewers and you would be "furthering the sport" which according to your video is what you are all about.  I am a die-hard track fan and I haven't, and won't at the current price, subscribe to Flotrack Pro.  The bang for your buck is pretty darn pathetic.

Finally, I'm going to throw out some more tips that don't have much to do with Flotrack Pro.
1. Get somebody on camera that isn't a male with short to medium length dark hair, less than 5'8" tall, and isn't overly excitable.  Don't get me wrong, I love Alex Lohr but you guys could use some diversity.
2. Easy on the arm gestures.  I feel like I'm going to get poked in the eye through my computer screen.
3. Don't pick fights with other running sites over nothing.  What is there to debate?
4. If you don't want to be like LetsRun, don't let people post anonymously.
5. Fire Mitch- Self Explanatory. Every time that video froze on my computer (big surprise) he was making some stupid face and looking awkward.
6. Other 'sports' that charge pay-per-view: MMA, etc, fake wrestling... Not good company.
7. You're trying too hard to be funny.  I don't go to flotrack to watch comedy skits.

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