Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Training Recap: March 11th-17th

March 11th- Blizzard!  It was a true white-out day.  It was dangerous to run as we found out when Isaiah slipped and hit his knee on the sidewalk.  It was impossible to see the ice under the snow and where the curbs were.  We only went about 5 miles worth of effort.  It was realistically shorter than that but you have to go by effort sometimes.  5/66 on the week.

March 12th- I just plain didn't make time in the day to run.  I should have got up in the morning and got out the door.  The road conditions were nearly as bad as yesterday so I have a small reason for not getting out the door.  I had planned on getting out the door between Ft. Collins and the Summit League Men's basketball final but that didn't end up happening either.  5/66 on the week still

March 13th- I was feeling sick in the morning so I didn't get out the door in the morning.  I think I need to take my Iron earlier in the day so I don't feel it in the morning.  Ended up very pressed for time after a work meeting went 40 minutes longer than it should have.  Only got 3 in, 8/66, ready for some big days here!  At least I ran fast for my 3 miles.

March 14th- I don't know why but I haven't been able to get up in the morning.  Yesterday I legitimately felt bad but today it was just tired/laziness.  I am going to make a running plan for the rest of today and the next 3 days to make sure I get my miles in.  Tonight- 10 miles, 18/66.  Tomorrow- double, morning run with alex- 15 total, 33/66, Saturday after work- 10, 43/66, and Sunday long run- 20, 63/66.  Those are minimums so I have opportunity to get a few more miles in to reach my goal.

March 14th- PM- Got out the door for a solid 10.  First legitimate run of the week for me.  Mentally preparing to get the big miles in the rest of this week.  Physically feeling good!  18/66

March 15th- AM- Finally made it out of bed and once I was out the door, it wasn't so bad.  It was a warm, yet windy, morning at nearly 40 degrees but it was worth getting my 9 miles in.  Finished with 3 fairly hard strides.  I don't want to be a true LSD runner, it's fun to have some speed in the legs!  Hopefully I can get another 6+ in this afternoon to get back on track to get 66 miles in.  27/66

March 15th- PM- This was probably one of my worst runs recently.  I was incredibly unmotivated.  Doing nothing but reading at work turns my mind to mush and it's just hard to get out some days.  Then right out the door my right calf is hurting.  Calves are the one part of my body that I can't figure out how to take care of.  Time and time alone seems to be the only option.  Then about halfway through my stomach takes a turn for the worst and I end up hobbling in the last mile trying not to poop myself.  You'll be glad to know that I made it with seconds to spare.  I even turned down ice cream and a brownie in the last hours of work in order to avoid a fiasco like this.  The one positive about this run is that I was able to complete 7 miles and get me one step closer to hitting my goal of 66.  34/66 with 2 days left.

March 16th- 0.  Just didn't feel like it.  It was windy and I had the long run looming the next day.

March 17th- My 20 miler was very sucessfull.  I went out of town to the SW and ran into the wind or with a crosswind the first 10 miles then turned around and came back.  It was very windy with around 40 mph winds the whole time.  It grew to 60 mph later in the day so I was glad to have it done.  Alex and Seth came up from Ft. Collins and we went to Vedauwoo.  It was kind of scary on top of the rocks with that strong of winds.  I felt strong the whole way through and was even able to still shift gears quite easily at the end.  I even ran this run faster than my average pace for most daily runs.  The way out was right at 7:30 pace and the way back was under 7 minutes per mile.  I came away from this run with the good feeling that I could have run faster, farther, or both which is a good sign for next month's 50k.  54/66 on the week.

Well, overall I would have liked to have hit my weekly mileage but I had guests for the first 3 days and only got 8 miles in then.  I also took friday off which ended any hope of hitting my weekly goal.  I think that 54/66 is good considering my other activities.  The most important aspect of the week for me is the long run which went much better than I expected.  I not only got through it but I ran fairly quickly and with less fatigue than I had expected.

Next week's goals:
Mileage- Somewhere between 55 and 70.  I think I need to run at least 55 to be sucessful at the longer distances but running more than 70 in the cold, wet and windy season in Wyoming would probably mentally burn me out.  If I am feeling good in the summer I will venture into the higher mileages once again.
Long run- 22-24, maybe more, we will see.

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