Monday, April 22, 2013

A Different Direction

Up until the past year, my life had been fully devoted to running.  I was also a student but an average one at best.  I had other hobbies but everything took a backseat to running.  Don't get me wrong, I still love running but it's time to start living!  I have many different hobbies that I presently enjoy and would like an arena to talk about; mountain biking, bouldering, mountaineering and backpacking (just starting these ones in the spirit of Wyoming), disc golfing, brewing, eating well, traveling, and anything else that I would like to do.  I am also considering going back to school to pursue a few interests and it will be nice to be a true student and I look forward to soaking up the student experience that I deprived myself of.  I loved my 4 years at SDSU but I am looking forward to more adventures of a different sort as well as continuing to run.  As I take this different direction I am looking to take on a different name for my blog.  I would like it to be something simple yet creative and still encompassing my hobbies.  It will be difficult to find the right phrase or name because my hobbies are fairly diverese and ever expanding.  I am looking forward to the future and will take any suggestions!

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Jared Ailts said...

Diverse Directions

The Spice of Life (cause you now have variety)


Tales of/on differet Trails

Hobbie Home

Happy Hobbies

Drifting with Direction

Thoughts from a jack of all trades

expanding horizons

The mind mop

Thoughts through time

Intriguing intrigues