Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fitness While Traveling- How to Make Fitness Work For Your Schedule

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In 2009, forty-two percent of adults in the U.S. traveled for leisure purposes.  Forty-eight percent of adults reported traveling for business purposes during that same year.  With so many people traveling for professional and recreational purposes each year, it's understandable why fitness can take a backseat for many.  Here are several ways travelers are staying fit during travel.  

Americans are connected to their smartphones.  They are relying on their devices to not only stay connected to what's going on in the office, but they are also taking advantage of the many travel apps on the market to stay in top shape.  RunKeeper for iPhone and Android users is helping people track their miles and the number of calories burned over a long period of time.  P90X is helping iPhone users stay fit, allowing them to personally download several workout routines at a time.  Hatha Yoga apps are available to iPhone users who desire to be guided through an effective yoga workout routine.  Pilates enthusiasts turn to apps like Pilates Interactive to get access to workouts via their iPhone or Android device.

Many professionals are now scheduling trips to actual fitness retreats.  They are taking advantage of these travel opportunities to try new things.  Fitness retreats are a great way for people to really shake things up.  Often referred to as luxury fitness retreats, these people offer everything from strength training to hiking for travelers.  

The average person experiences stress and anxiety with a demanding travel schedule.  This can be particularly stressful to some and cause a disturbance in sleeping patterns.  A sleep-deprived person will find it hard to focus and concentrate throughout today due to a lack of sleep.  Taking HTP supplements is a great way to counter the effects of jet lag and correct problems sleeping.

Some people take certain types of equipment on the road to remain on top of their fitness regimens.  A person can research the facilities before scheduling their lodging to see if there are any nearby trails that are accessible.  Inquiring about any gyms on the premises or whether or not there are any yoga classes provided on site that can help a person plan accordingly. On a recent trip to San Francisco I used a travel site called Gogobot in order to book a hotel with a 24-hour gym. I used this site to see a list of the top hotels in San Francisco and from here I could discern which hotels had the best fitness amenities.

People from all walks of life have diverse needs when traveling.  Busy people often have to carve out time to get a workout in.  Luckily, solutions like apps, dedicated retreats, supplements and hotel amenities make staying fit for frequent travelers manageable.

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