Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Been Awhile.... Runner's High

Occasionally I stumble upon a random blog and it hasn't been posted on for years.  Other times it hadn't been then it randomly was posted on once again before another long hiatus.  For me, two days is a long time.  For avid readers of the blog you may remember that it was my New Year's resolution to blog every day and run every day of 2012.  I have run every day but I missed two days in a row of blogging.  One of the reasons that I missed two days is because I have been busy running.  I have also been busy with other exciting developments which I may share with you all soon.

Anyway, I wanted to touch upon a fabled event: The Runner's High.  Scientifically, it is defined as your body releasing endorphins.  I don't want to get too deep into that because as much as running is science there is just as much that is unexplicable, often defying reason.  There are also so many conflicting reasonable arguments.  I prefer to think of running in social science setting more than the actual physical science.  Today I ran in the morning.  5 miles with Mr. Benjamin J. Ailts and then added on a few more afterwards.  I had a busy day before heading off to practice where I ran with Brian W. Brochman.  Both of those runs I felt pretty average.  I had a big weekend of running.  Saturday was a 2x20 minute tempo session on the track and Sunday was a long run of 20 miles.  You may find it to be against common knowledge that running more will increase your energy but sometimes I find it's true.  After 15 miles in 2 runs today I wanted to do more after I ate and digested my food.  It was a craving deep inside that won't be extinguished tonight.  I would run but I have a 6:30 AM practice followed by what is probably going to be an intensive workout in the evening.  I am going to fall asleep craving a run, not the ice cream that I usually crave.  Running, it's a strange thing.

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