Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Goals: February 11-17

With last week nearly in the books, it is time to look at next week. 
Last week:
Total Miles: Mid-30s
Long Run: 10
Push-Ups: N/A (didn't keep track)
Weight: Too Much

Next week goals:
Mileage: 45
Long Run: 11-12
Push-Ups: 500 for the week.
Weight: <160 consistantly

Long Term Goals:
Weekly Miles: I want to run in the 70s in singles and see how that feels.  Morning runs probably aren't going to happen on the 4 days that I work, at least not until there is more light and heat.
Long Run: I want to run an ultra (probably 50k to 50 mile) within a year-ish.  Ideally, I want to make the 26.2 distance something I can accomplish often on weekends.
Push-Ups: I am getting quite good at these.  I don't think doing a certain amount of these is going to make me any faster but overall they are good.
Weight: I have thought my ideal race weight is 152 so I will get there and see what happens.

Overall, I don't want to structure out my weeks too much.  They vary based on which days I work, the weather, etc.  I might do some kind of workout just to test my fitness a little but I am mostly in the base stage for now and am working on getting the long run above 26.2 within a couple months here.

My first real race goal is a marathon.  I am going to sign up for Deadwood (DNF with bronchitis last year) or the Wyoming Marathon outside Laramie.  They are both run on gravel at altitude and as a result are quite slow courses.  The marathons are back to back weekends at the end of May/beginning of June so preparation is going to be very similar.

There are a lot of races within Laramie and the Northern Colorado area so I will have no trouble finding a tune up or two.  For workouts, I want to do a lot of effort based workouts instead of time/distance based.  Living and training at 7200 feet or higher can make track workouts depressing.  I will do a few time/distance workouts just to affirm that I actually am gaining fitness, maybe once every couple weeks.

Look for my last week's recap, most likely out tomorrow!

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