Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Training Review: February 4-10th

This blog isn't going to be too detailed or exciting because I didn't decided that I was going to do this until the end of the week so my notes are non-existant.

January 4th and 5th- 6 miles each day at an average pace around 7 minutes per mile.  Nothing too exciting, just getting out the door.

January 6th- Didn't run

January 7th- 5 miles in 34, a little quicker today.  Had a few home made hard ciders after with the training partner, Alex.

January 8th- Ironically, the same day that I decide to get in shape I don't run.  I have had a weird pain in my upper hamstring.  Whenever I bend down it pulls a lot and I have been trying to stretch it out a lot and it hasn't gotten much looser.  It doesn't hurt much when I run but is of some concern.  The other reason I didn't run is that I had to clean up the apartment before Danielle got back from her conference.

January 9th- First long run of the marathon cycle- 10 miles.  I expect to increase this a few miles per week until 26 is an afterthought.  It was a nicer day than expected and I overdressed.

January 10th- I try to take advantage of the days that I don't work to get a few extra miles in.  Got 7 in today.

34 miles this week with a goal of 45 for next week.

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