Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th-31st Training Recap

March 25th- The weather looks to be improving throughout the week and I am reading 'Once A Runner' at work.  That inspired me to hit up the same trails as yesterday.  My only regret is that these trails aren't closer to home.  I have run run nearly 2.5 miles just to get to the trails so unless I am going long I spend more time on roads than trails.  9 on the day and the week.  Anticipating some doubles this week with a later work schedule and warmer weather.  I hope to head out to Vedauwoo for some bouldering too!

March 26th- It's another very slow day at work so I am reading lots of 'OAR' again and taking every possible excuse to get up and take a walk.  I also stretch and do calf raises fairly frequently.  I ended up running 10 miles after work, some with Danielle, some with Alex and some with both!  It was kind of a progression run as we definitely started out slow and got quicker as the run went on.  My last two miles (solo) were probably not too far over 6 minute pace which is pretty quick for me at this altitude.  19 on the week!

March 27th-  Had a later work schedule so arranged a morning run with Alex.  As usual, it wasn't fun right away but it got better as we went on.  6 miles in the morning and had planned on getting out the door again but didn't due to time constraints.  25 on the week!  I've gotten a complete circuit of myrtle after every run this week as well, I feel the loosening and strengthening happening slowly.

March 28th-  My stomach felt pretty average so I only got 5 in.  That bumps me up to 30 on the week, not bad for 4 days.  I wouldn't be surprised if I ran every day this week.  Despite having a race in less than a month, I feel that my training is very unstructured.  I did one long run but that, combined with the previous week, seemed to push my current fitness levels over the edge.  I'll have to do more research into what proper 50k trail race training is like.  I feel that it will be a lot of trial and error as well so we will see what happens!

March 29th- Got 4 in the morning then was busy in the afternoon.  34 on the week.

March 30th- It was a beautiful morning but I felt very tired and beat down.  Got 5 in somehow.  39 on the week.  I did pick up a mountain bike today so expect lots of cross training to happen as soon as the ultra is done on the 27th!

March 31st- Full-blown sickness today, 2 miles in.  Proud of Alex for getting 14 in all alone.  Hoping for a quick recovery.  41 total for the week.

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