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Steve Holman

Running history is very poorly documented so I am going to try and preserve some of Minnesota's running history one piece at a time.  I am sure all of this information and more can be found in obscure personal libraries and the minds of the people who  were alive and observant at the time but it is hard for people of my age and younger to learn some of this stuff.

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This profile is of Steve Holman.  He is the best mid distance runner of all-time from the state of Minnesota.  Steve ran for Richfield, graduating in 1988.  He ran 4:09.26 for the full mile or 4:07.62 for 1600m which ranks 5th all-time as well as 1:50.56 which ranks 4th all-time and had been a state record for 8 years.  After high school, Steve attending Georgetown University in Washington DC.  There he was a NCAA champion in the 1992 indoor 1500 and was an all-american in distances up to 5000.  He made his first and only Olympic team the summer after graduating in the 1992 1500.  Sadly Steve wasn't known as a championship racer and while having solid PRs of 1:44.98, 3:31.52, 3:50.40, and 7:43.20, he often faltered at bigger races.  At the time, Steve was third on the all-time American list for 1500m.

Olympic Profile

Here is a year by year list of Steve's accomplishments compiled by USATF:

2000: Placed 5th at Olympic Trials (3:37.36)...ranked 5th of 3:33.59 August 11 in Zurich (fastest by an American in 2000).
1999: Won 1500 at USA Outdoors (3:39.21)... 9th at World Champs (3:34.32)...2nd in 3,000 at USA Indoors... 6th at World Indoors... 6th in GP Final (3:36.08)...bests of 1:48.50, 2:16.68 (1,000), 3:32.73, 3:55.13 (Mile).
1998: 4th at USA Outdoors (3:39.46)... 3rd in USA Indoor mile (3:59.27)...3rd at Edwardsville GP (3:54.74)...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:33.60 and 3:52.73.
1997: Disqualified from final at USA Outdoors (2nd, 3:46.01)...placed on World Champs team because he had made the qualifying time, and only one other had...7th in semis at World Champs (3:39.97)...ranked #10 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN; ranked #8 in U.S. at 800... bests of 3:31.52.
1996: Won USA Indoor mile (3:57.72)...13th in Olympic Trials (3:47.44)...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:34.55 and 3:50.60, also 7:42.49 (3K).
1995: 5th in USA Outdoors (3:45.10)...clocked six PRs during the summer season...4th in USA Indoor 3000 (7:56.76)...ranked #4 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN; ranked #5 in U.S. at 800... bests of 3:32.01 and 3:50.76, also 1:44.98 (800).
1994: 6th in heat (3:42.00) at USA Outdoors, hampered by a virus...9th in GP Final (3:43.47)...ranked #5 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN... bests of 3:34.96 and 3:50.91.
1993: 3rd (top U.S.) in USA Indoor mile (3:55.41)...4th in World Indoor (3:45.59)...a tibia fracture canceled most of his outdoor season...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:35.29 and 3:55.41, also 2:19.96 (1K).
1992: 2nd in Olympic Trials (3:36.48)...9th in semi at Olympic Games ...won NCAA 1500 (3:38.39)...4th in NCAA Indoor 5000 (13:47.63); anchored runner-up 4 x 800 (1:48.8 for 7:20.04)...46th in USA XC Outdoors...ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:34.95 and 3:52.73.
1991: 5th in USA Outdoors (3:41.51)...6th in NCAA Indoor mile (4:01.13); led-off winning 4 x 800 (1:51.5 for 7:19.86)...7th in NCAA (3:41.51)... 10th in NCAA XC...ranked #4 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:38.37 and 4:01.13.
1990: 5th in USA Outdoors... ran third leg on 4th-place 4 x 800 at NCAA Indoor (1:49.6 for 7:20.97)...8th in NCAA...3rd in Olympic Festival...78th in NCAA XC...ranked #7 in U.S. by T&FN... bests of 3:39.60 and 4:03.74.
Ran third leg on 4th-place 4 x 800 at NCAA Indoor (1:49.4 for 7:20.96)...3rd in USA Juniors... bests of 3:45.41 and 4:06.31.
1988: Set an 800m state record of 1:50.5 that wasn't broken until 1996...won Minnesota HS state titles at 800 and 1600...bests of 3:52.8 and 4:09.26.
1987: Bests of 4:14.6 (1600)...won Minnesota HS state title at 1600.
1986: Bests of 4:21 (1600).
1985: Best of 10:08 (3200m).

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