Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sport Beans Review

Today, I am going to review Jelly Belly's Sport Beans. I am doing an ultra next month so I am testing out different energy bars, gels, beans, etc.

Packaging: I really don't like the packaging on these.  It is hard to get the beans out of the package and that is without closing and re-opening the package like you are able to do.

Taste: The ones with caffeine have a strong and almost bitter side taste to them.  All the regular flavors taste like  jelly beans with a little extra salt in them.  I was fond of the lemon-lime and fruit punch flavors.

Stomach: These never seem to sit well with me.  I always have some kind of issue that is similar to feelings I have if I run after eating candy or drinking too much sports drink.  It seems like this is an attempt by a candy company to get into sports nutrition while relying more on their name than on science.

Energy: These usually upset my stomach enough to have to stop.  I wonder if they might have a crash and burn effect if I ever felt good enough to get there.  Maybe we will see someday.  I might be willing to use these if out for a hike when I am less likely to be sick to the stomach (as compared to running) and when the packaging might not be as big of a hassle.

As far as I'm concerned, I would have just as good of results if I was using regular jelly beans or fruit snacks for this purpose as a lower price.  With all things energy related I recommend trying as many options as you can.  Everybody is different! Sport beans didn't work well for me but they might work well for you.

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