Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1st-7th Running Recap

1st- Didn't run.  Very stuffy, tired, worn down, etc.  Hoping to get better soon!

2nd- Feeling a little better than yesterday.  Decided to take it easy and get healthy.

3rd- Bike 2 times today for a total of over 2 hours.  The first time was a good workout and the second time was with Alex running so it wasn't as good but I kept it in a low gear so the legs were still spinning!  I also attempted to run in between my 2 bikes and it wasn't good.  Too stuffy to really breath.  2 miles on the week.

4th-  Got out for 4 miles today.  Felt horrible in the stomach and only ok aerobically.  6 miles on the week.

5th-7th- Didn't run.  The stuffiness is going away but I've been plagued by headaches.  I am looking forward to feeling better and being refreshed next week.  The 50k is only 3 weeks from Saturday!

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