Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8th-14th Training Recap- Getting Back on The Horse

April 8th- Didn't run as it was a travel day.  Danielle and I ventured West to do research for her internship project.

April 9th- Got in 4 miles.  The sinus headache is really the only thing left over from last week's illness but it is limiting.  It just increases the longer I run.

April 10th- Didn't run, no time!

April 11th- Got in a solid 6 with Alex.  It was easily under 7 minutes per mile which is fairly decent for us at this altitude.  We usually like to run pretty slow.

April 12th- Ran 6 miles after work at a decent pace.  Did 2 strides after.  Wanted to do 4 but I was just really not used to anything fast so those were hard enough.  I need to do more of those!

April 13th- Ran 4 miles in the morning and felt sluggish and tired.

April 14th- Was extremely pleased today.  Danielle dropped Alex and I off in the country so we could have a crosswind run instead of into the wind loop (no good roads to run with the wind).  We took off and it got faster and faster.  I figured it would be an unsustainable pace for that distance since I've had a pathetic past few weeks of running but I kept it up and felt good doing it.  We averaged about 6:32 for 13 miles.

33 miles total for the week, not enough considering I will be running 31+ in one run in 13 days.  Oh well, I'm excited!

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