Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wyoming Sunrises- 7/22-7/28

7/22- I had good intentions about this day but they didn't really work out.  It was hot (for Wyoming), around 85 degrees and the high desert wind was blowing.  Cotton mouth within 10 minutes.  I also had a side stitch and that killed all motivation.  Ran nearly 40 minutes for around 5 miles.

7/23- Arose bright and early and had 11 miles done by 6 am, it was a great contrast from yesterday as it was 54 degrees at the start.  Got in another 3 in the afternoon for a 14 mile day.

7/24- Got in a quick 6 miles in 37 minutes at 8300' with Chris.

7/25- A nice morning 7 with Chris before heading to Vedauwoo for some rock fun.

7/26- Got 10 miles on the evening, partially with Alex and TJ.

7/27- Got an hour of running on the morning with some of that aiding Alex in a solid workout.  9 on the morning.  Alex M texted shortly after that run asking about running in the PM and I said yes.  We ended up going 9 as well.  18! on the day.

7/28- Arose at 3 AM for an ascent of Long's Peak.  It was 16 miles round trip and felt like at least 16 miles of running.

60 miles on the week as well as a long hike.  I am proud!  Progress is going well for my main races of the fall; Jelm Mountain, SDSU Classic, and Silent Trails.  I would like to get in more hilly runs to develope strength and just to get used to hills because 2 of the races have giant hills in them.

Racing Schedule for the rest of 2013
8/1/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
8/15/13 HPH Summer Park Series, Laramie
9/8/13 Sioux Falls 5k/HM
9/21/13 Jelm Mountain Run, Jelm
10/04/13 SDSU Classic 8k, Brookings, SD
10/12/13 Silent Trails 10 Mile, Tie City

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