Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taking A Step Back- 7/29-8/4

I am a pretty firm believer in taking rest weeks as it allows you to continue training while remaining healthy.  Last week was my highest mileage in awhile as well as my highest single day of mileage and a long hike, back to back.  This week I am not aiming to run any more miles than last week.  Maybe a similar amount or mabye less.

7/29- Chose not to run as I was sore and tired from my biggest running day in awhile, lack of sleep, and climbing Long's Peak the day before.  The weather was also cold with a good chance of rain.

7/30- Had planned on running up 'Death Crotch' for some good climbing practice but didn't feel good in the stomach or legs.  Ran an easy 4 with Danielle.

7/31- Happy Birthday to my little big bro, Alex!  I ran a nice 10 this morning north of town and included 10x 1 minute on 1 minute off in the 3rd quarter of my run.

Wednesday night trails was a success.  Got there early and warmed up and stretched out to make sure I was going to be able to run at a decent pace after this morning.  Ended up with about 7 total completing a loop of Upper UW-Summit-Haunted Forest-Happy Jack Road-Pole Creek.  17 on the day and 21 on the week.

8/1- A very easy 8 this morning.  Tried to keep to the shade and soft surfaces.  Legs felt tired from yesterday so I just enjoyed plodding along.  Felt better as the run went on.  I get in trouble on these days where I don't work!

Another easy 4 miles on the afternoon.  I was feeling pretty tired after yesterday.  Up to 33 on the week

8/2- Got in a solid hour run.  It was the first one where I was confident enough in the speed to call it 9.  I pushed the pace up and down the hills and felt very strong.  Days like this make you forget all the bad ones.  42 on the week with 2 days remaining.

8/3- Woke up early at 4:35 and was still half-asleep on my way out the door a few minutes later.  My early splits were much slower than usual on that route but it got a little better.  Had to stop and use a porta-potty on UW campus about halfway through.  Got just over an hour in but can't call this one more than 8.  An even 50 miles on the week with just tomorrow left.

8/4- Decided to not run after I found out my 10 hour shift wasn't really a 10 hour shift.  It's ok, it's a rest week and I'm feeling really good about my running right now.  50 is solid for a rest week and and I'm mentally and physically prepared to push to the next level.

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