Sunday, October 13, 2013

Race Report: Silent Trails 2013

Laramie is blessed with a great running community which in turn puts on some awesome events.  Huge thanks go out to everybody who put their time and effort into making this race a success.  This year, this race was only $5 to enter.  It was billed as a 'no frills' race but in reality a shirt all that was missing from your average running race.  Anyone who runs races often enough can say that shirts are often as much of a burden as anything.  There was a plethora of food after the race including hot soup and hot chocolate, there were also; medals, cash prizes, official results, aid stations etc.

There was a brisk wind blowing at the start of the race and I had debated keeping my jacket on.  That quickly ended when Ragan and Horsecow got down to the singlets.  Horsecow also had his cow print speedo on.  There was no way I was keeping my jacket on.  The race got out at a decent pace but not too fast as most of the top contenders had been here before and knew what was coming later.  The top 3, led by Chris Schabron, broke away early and there was a pack of 7 who tackled Death Crotch together.  At that point it was more about making it up the hill and not so much about racing.  That would start at the end of Death Crotch.  I made it to the top of the hill with Ragan and Horsecow but soon lost them.  A combination of the pneumonia that I haven't completely recovered from and the lack of running in the last few weeks would leave me with sideaches and fatigue.  I lost 2 positions in the last half of the race to finish 11th in 1:23 for the 10.5 mile race.  I don't think I have ever been so excited to run under 8 minute pace in my life.

The post race food and camaraderie were excellent as always.  Congrats to Chris Schabron on his victory.  This race is one of a few races that are held in memory of the 8 U of Wyoming runners that were killed in 2001.  One of those 8 was Chris' brother so I am sure this victory was extra special for him.

I am looking forward to next year, I hope to be in better aerobic shape, weigh a few less pounds and hopefully be healthier!

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