Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What to do in your down time?

I'm currently taking some down time.  Due to my lack of training this year, I am mentally ready to go!  However, next year is a long year with racing from January through October so it will be good to get some rest and relaxation in before starting training again.  I am also still trying to ditch the last remnants of pneumonia that I have had so this will be good for that as well.

What do I do in my down time?

This year I have taken the time to do some reading and get my diet a little better.  I have the knowledge and now I just have to master the self-control.  My weight has been my main problem throughout my racing career.  Due to some medical conditions, I don't have quite the metabolism of many runners so I need to be extra careful about what and how much I eat and drink.

I have also been riding my bike everywhere.  Not that it is any different from usual but it is nice to still get some exercise.

Down time is often overlooked by many who think days off are for the week but they are a neccesity for anyone that trains hard.  Bernard Lagat and David Rudisha both took over a month off last year.  Lagat even gained 6-8 pounds!  You must take one running step back in order to take a few steps forward next season so rest up!

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