Monday, February 6, 2012

This Day In Track History

I am a history buff and track fan.  In order to educate not only myself, but all my readers as well, I have decided to have "This Day in Track History" posts when something significant happened in the world of running.  It will probably happen pretty often.  Today, February 6th, is the 14 year anniversary of Daniel Komen's World Record in the indoor 3000m at 7:24.90.  Many a legend has attempted to break this record including Haile G, Bekele, and El G and all have failed.  I hope to do a feature on the burst of world record performances that Daniel racked up in a short period of time.  As impressive as it is to have run 1 Mile under 4 minutes, Komen has run 2 miles under 4 minutes back to back.

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