Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fantasy Track and Field

NCAA Indoor Track and Field is coming up and that means only one thing for Track and Field nerds everywhere... Fantasy Track and Field!

Here's how it works:
You get $100,000 to spend on your team.  The list below is how much an athlete will cost you.  The rankings are based on those found at TFRRS.  Remember, just because an athlete has qualified in an event doesn't mean that they will run it.  Make sure you check entry lists found Here!

1st- $10,000
2nd- $8,000
3rd- $6,000
4th- $5,000
5th- $4,000
6th- $3,000
7th- $2,000
8th- $1,000
9th and Lower- $500

If you draft an athlete you have to specify the event.  Therefore you don't get an athlete for all events, just the one you draft them for.  You can also draft relay teams.

Scoring: Add up the points that your drafted players score at the NCAA meet.  The winner is the person that has the most points.

Example format for entries:
4th- Cam Levins (Southern Utah)- 3000

How to enter:  E-mail me your teams @ and I will not post them on here until after entries are due so nobody can steal your team.  I already have my own so I won't steal yours either.

Prizes: It is probably frowned upon by the NCAA so bragging rights and pride are the prizes.

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