Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nike Zoom Elite + Review

Nike Zoom Elite 5+ - Men's

Nike created the Air Zoom Elite for 4 years before deciding to move the shoe to the Lunar Series.  They created the Lunar Elite + and + 2.  Those shoes were said to be the same but they don't look or feel very much like each other at all.  The same can be said for their transition back to the Nike Zoom Elite +.  That doesn't mean that the Zoom Elite + isn't a good shoe.  And I'm not sure why they dropped the "Air" out of the shoe name seeing as the shoe has an air pocket in the forefoot.  Anyway, I'll get on to the reviewing here.

Retail Price: It jumped $5 as most of Nike's shoes did recently to $105
Weight: Considered a Lightweight Trainer at 10.6 oz
Heel Drop: Slightly less than a traditional shoe at 9mm

Feel: I have mixed feelings about this shoe.  I really like the Air pocket in the forefoot.  I feel that it gives a nice energy return when pushing off.  I also really like the feel of the upper.  The mesh is soft and secure and I like Nike's new lockdown system that they have shown on other 2012 models such as the Lunareclipse +2.  The heel cup is perfect in terms of height and firmness.  The tongue is also soft but not too thick.  Like I said before, these are classified as a lightweight trainer.  Many have scoffed at that due to their 10+ ounce weight but on the feet they feel much lighter than that.  They are light and responsive.

Looks:  Again, my feelings are mixed on this topic.  I like the color choice.  It is vibrant and will stand out well.  I also like shoes that have decent amounts of black and these ones do.  I do think that the colors or design lead these shoes to appear cheaply constructed.

Durability: I think that the main issue with durability is going to be the upper forefoot and the sole itself.  I expect a lot out of my trainers but if you only hope to get 400-500 miles on your shoes then these should last that long.  The materials used in this shoe look cheaper than in other models.  It may just be the look or colors used but I'm not sure.  It will be interesting to see how well they hold up.

Uses: The Elite is fairly lightweight and that Air pocket gives you a good boost of the ground so the Elite would probably be good for quicker training runs and maybe longer tempos.  I prefer to wear flats for faster workouts so I wouldn't wear these.  I think these shoes also have the cushion for the long haul and can be worn for runs of about any distance.

Overall, I would recommend trying these shoes on before you buy them.  Every runner is different and so are their feet and preferences.  One runner may love them and another may hate them.

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