Friday, March 2, 2012

Training Report

I keep track of my monthly mileage and like to compare it from year to year to see how I am doing compared to past years.  This year in January I hit 385 miles.  Last year had been my best at 362.  Similarly, in February, I hit 346 which bettered last year by 54 miles.  My March best is two years ago when I ran 420 miles!  That's an average of about 95 per week.  This week will certainly be lower than 95 but in the next few weeks I hope to increase the volume to just over 100 per week.  I find that I am racing best when I run between 90 and 105 miles.  I think it has something to do with my metabolism.  If I run less, I become sluggish and may gain a pound or two.  When running high mileage I find it impossible to gain weight.  Others, with faster metabolism, may find that running much less mileage is the best training fit for them.  Another factor to consider is intensity.  I find that running a fairly easy pace for a majority of my runs works best.  I can handle high volume very well but when I run too fast on a daily basis I increase my likelihood of injury and mental and physical burnout because I don't allow myself to recover.  I've said it before and I'll say it again... Running requires experimentation.  Every runner is different and every runner reacts differently to different stimuli.  Keep running, having fun and trying new things.  Not only will it help you learn about yourself as a runner, it will keep running fresh and exciting!

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