Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Recap: February 18th-24th

18th- Only got 5 miles in with my beautiful wife.  The cold wind really sapped my motivation.  I learned my lesson to get out the door in the early hours when it is less windy.  That is the plan for tomorrow.  I did get tons of push-ups in as well as myrtle routine, some core work and plenty of stretching.  Hoping to keep the body healthy and able to run every day- that is half the battle.

Daily Note:  I remember reading somewhere that Meb used to drink 3 glasses of water right before every meal to keep from overeating while dining on campus at UCLA.  That is a huge problem for me so I am trying out Meb's trick as well as using general will power to eat less.

19th- No work today so I got up early and ran 30 minutes with Danielle before continuing for a loop around LaBonte Park and back to the track for 4x100m.  I was trying to just run smooth and build some speed without hurting myself (starting run temp as 9F).  14.02-14.70 for all 4.  After that I ran back around the park before heading home.  In all it turned out to be right about 10 miles.  Did Myrtle routine for the second time in a row as well as some sit-ups and plenty of push-ups.  At 15 miles after 2 days for this week assuming I don't run again this afternoon.  It is a fairly sunny day with minimal wind, a rarity for Wyoming.  I do have to say that Brookings is both windier and colder than Laramie so far.

Daily Note:  The more time and thought I put into writing this, regardless of anyone else actually reading it, the more likely I am to get out the door.  Motivation is doing well right now, it is just other responsibilities and staying healthy that is the problem.  The next 3 days are going to be fairly low mileage but I am going to do my best to get out the door even if it takes waking up at 4:30.

19th (PM)- I had attempted to take a nap in the afternoon and couldn't fall asleep so I must have not been too tired.  Alex texted about an afternoon run so I had no excuse to not get out there.  We got in 5 at a pretty quick pace.  Into the 25+ mph wind for the first half then back.  This leaves me with 15 on the day and 20 on the week.  I am happy with this because my next 3 days are busy and I probably won't have a ton of time for running.  I think I am going to try to run in the morning tomorrow to get used to it for future runs.

20th- Sucessfully got out of bed at 4:30 and out the door at 4:40.  I made the mistake of looking at the thermometer in the bedroom and noticing that it was almost 60 degrees warmer inside than outside.  I was equally surprised in the fact that I got nearly 50 minutes in.  I am now at 27 miles for the week and if I run again this afternoon it will be because I am seeking the fabled runner's high and not because I need the miles to get to my mileage goal.  The most enjoyable parts of this early morning run were the stillness (with the exception of the train) and the train.  The train runs very close to the fence so you can feel the wind and hear all the noises and power.

Daily Thoughts:  I need to wake up earlier or run shorter in the morning.  I only had time for a very abbreviated Myrtle and minimal stretching (in the shower, of course.  The warm water works miracles, try it sometime) as well as 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups, both while chomping down a quick bowl of generic Raisin Bran.

20th (PM)- Easy 3 with Danielle and Alex.  It was a nice afternoon.  I am now at 30 for the week and have some leeway towards getting my goal.  A long run of 12-13 puts me nearly there!

21st- It snowed 3-4 inches overnight.  Decided this would be my day off for the week.  Probably not the smartest move but I'm going to get my weekly goal anyway.  This way I leave room for big improvements.

22nd- Got up at 4:30 for an easy 5.  I felt like I was asleep on my feet.  That might have to be a once-a-week thing for me.  Up to 35 on the week.

23rd- Had planned on getting a quick run in before the basketball game but I was just exhausted.  Took the second day off in a row.  Just have the long run left for the week.

24th-  It was cold, windy, and snowy.  I ran about 15 minutes before attempting to get onto UW's indoor track.  I finally got in when the last door I tried was unlocked.  I decided that I couldn't possibly do my whole long run on their 160m track so I decided to do a workout.  I ran 10x800 with 320m rest.  Yasso 800s.  This theory says that you should run the same time for your 800s as you should for the marathon.  e.g. 3 minutes 0 seconds for the 800s equals 3 hours flat for the marathon.  That was my initial goal this early in my training and I hit between 2:45 and 2:56 for all 10 with most of them being from 2:52 to 2:55.  I'm not sure if I fully believe Yasso but it is a nice confidence booster at this time.  I did end up getting at least my weekly long run and mileage goal.  Long run 13, weekly total 48.

This week in review:
Push-ups- Totally dominated- hit 900.  Next week will be to try to maintain and get to where I can do lots of diamond push-ups and some one handers.
Staying healthy-  good, every run was followed by stretching and myrtle to some extent.  Feeling great.  I am going to try and add some Lung Matrix by Coach Jay Johnson this next week.
Miles- 48, 3 above the goal.
Weight- A few days it was at my goal but taking two days off has its effects.  This will come down with more running and self-control but I am just impatient.

Next Week's plans:
Push-ups- 1k and more diamonds
Staying healthy- hydration and Lunge Matrix are the key focuses this week.  Hamstring flexibility needs to be worked on as well.
Miles: 54, only one day off if any at all.  If I run 7 days one will be very very easy.
Long Run: 14
Weight: Under 160 consistantly.

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