Sunday, February 17, 2013

Training Recap February 11-17th

January 11th- Took my day off early in the week.

January 12th- Had the day of from work and didn't capitalize on that.  Only got 6 in.  Had planned on going further or even doubling but just didn't feel all that good.  Did brew up a strawberry-kiwi hefeweizen that I am very much looking forward to!

January 13th- Went out for a run with the intention of doing an unstructured workout.  Ended up doing about 10 surges anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes within the 9 miles I ran.  Felt great until the last one going up a long hill within the last mile.  Overall, I am pleased with my general aerobic fitness for this point  but I need to make an effort to do some strides after runs as well as more stretching post run.  My overall turnover is pathetic right now.  I know that isn't typically a key to marathon training but I believe that if your legs are used to moving faster then they will handle faster paces over longer distances easier.  Alex wanted to get an afternoon run in so we went 27 minutes, I'll call it 3.5 for a total of 12.5 on the day.  First double and biggest day of the new year.  That wont last long!  18.5 on the week, unless I take a day off I will most likely go over my weekly mileage goal.  That wouldn't hurt my feelings much.  Typically I would urge patience in building up but I have run over 100 miles in a week within the last year and I refuse to believe that the body forgets what that feels like this quickly.  50 or a little more won't hurt.

January 14th-  Only got in a quick 4 but it was quick and the legs felt surprisingly good after yesterday.  The windchill was hovering around 0 but it didn't feel too bad.  22.5 on the week and still wouldn't be surprised if I get over 45.

January 15th-  Had a tight hip at work and it got progressively worse as the day went on.  Didn't run.  Might have overdone it on January 13th but I think it is more my lack of commitment to all the extra things that go along with running fast that I have been failing to do.  I have been stretching a little bit but not enough and haven't done the myrtle routine in a long time.  Most days I get inside, take off my outer layers and flop down on the couch.  Next week I am turning over a new leaf as Rodney would say.  Still at 22.5 and will now be surprised if I get over 45.  At this point I need to keep the long term goals in mind and not obsess over numbers.  It is more important to get in shape and run fast than it is to hit 45 miles in the second week of training but it still is disappointing.

January 16th-  Woke up to a calf cramp.  This week hasn't been good to me as far as running goes.  It clearly is all my fault that I am not properly taking care of my body!  Ended up unable to run.  Not going to get close to the weekly goal even with a long run tomorrow.  Still at 22.5.  In other news, Danielle and I bought some backpacking packs for summer, so excited!

January 17th-  Calf is still tight.  Wrapped it up in a compression sock with another tight-fitting sock on top.  It felt ok.  This 'run' is hard to define.  Alex is doing the 'Twin Mountain Trudge' this coming weekend so we went out to check out the course.  We were going up and down large hills with anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet of snow.  There were times where we were running and times where we were barely walking.  We were out there for about 2 hours.  I am going to call it 8 miles from a running standpoint, it was a solid aerobic workout the whole time.

30.5 miles on the week.  A far cry from 45 but I had planned on running 6 days and actually ran 4.  I also didn't meet my long run goal but today's effort was similar to what would have been my long run.  My weight is slowly but surely getting down there but it needs to get better!  I did meet my push-ups goal of 500 with 530.  I would like to make my week more even for these.  I ranged from 0 to 184 in one day.

January 18-24th goals
Miles: 45 again
Long run: 12 miles
Push-ups: 600
Weight: Under 160 consistently

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