Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exercises to Physically Strengthen and Lift Moods in Cancer Patients

Today we have a guest post by Milady on how excercise and other activities can affect cancer recovery.  She is very passionate about this topic.

Going through cancer treatments can be an extensive journey that is both trying on the body and trying on the emotions. It is common for cancer patients to feel exhausted, depleted, emotionally stressed and physically ill when they are fighting for their lives by engaging in a series of surgeries and treatments that include chemotherapy and radiation.

When a person has many health factors stacked against them, it is important to begin implementing healthy habits.  These habits can help to potentially reverse the side effects of cancer treatments and some physical symptoms of the disease.  Exercise is an affordable and extremely effective way to begin taking positive action to feel better physically and mentally.

Yoga Provides Premium Results for Many Cancer Patients

Yoga is one of the easiest forms of exercise for a cancer patient to consider.  The reason yoga is ideal is due to the fact that it can be performed at home, or with a group. Yoga is a mild type of exercise with varying degrees of difficulty that can be increased slowly as the person grows stronger and more flexible.  

Arranging private lessons with a certified yoga instructor could be a great way to start learning.  After a few private instructions, the individual can then elect to practice yoga sessions at home or to attend group yoga sessions with friends for a fun social activity combined with physical exertion.  

Yoga movements include stretches that increase blood flow, improve circulation and strengthen the muscles and joints.  Each of these benefits will provide valuable support to anyone who is in the process of going through rigorous sets of cancer treatments.  Yoga is also helpful because this type of workout allows a person to rest better at night.  Getting better rest leads to a healthier diet and more physical strength that is vital for a cancer patient.

Combine Yoga with Light Cardio Activities

Adding cardio workouts to alternate on a fitness schedule with yoga is a great way to strengthen muscles and elevate mood levels through the cardio.  According to research, serotonin is distributed through the body when a person engages in mild cardio workouts such as walking, swimming or aerobics.  This distribution of serotonin increases positive moods and also lifts self-esteem, both of which are vital to a cancer patient’s overall emotional and mental health while going through cancer treatments.

So, no matter what type of cancer you are battling, from breast cancer to mesothelioma, exercise can play a vital role in your recovery. It is important to speak with your doctor to develop a plan to ensure the maximum benefit.

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