Thursday, January 26, 2012

Listening to Your Body

There are a few things that I stress when it comes to running.  Listening to your body is definitely one of them.  This week I have had a cold but have been getting decent sleep and I have had some nice workouts and recovery runs.  Today, I was just beginning my run and I stepped on a crack and my ankle rolled a little bit.  It's a little swollen and painful but it feels like it will be good in a few days.  I am scheduled to race in two days at the Iowa State Bill Bergan Invite in the 3000 meters.  That still may or may not happen.  I think I'm just going to listen to my body.  As you run more you realize that running can hurt.  It is up to you to discern whether that pain is good for you or bad for you.  In the case of my ankle, running on it right now is probably not good.  That pain shows that the tissue is damaged and needs to heal.  Running on such an injury can slow the healing process or lead to further injury.  I learned that in Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries.  My teacher said the worst advice to give is "tough it out".  An example of a good pain is the burning in your legs and lungs when completing a tough workout.  Workouts are designed to stress your body and the pain is a sign of that stress occurring.

So I may or may not run this weekend.  My body might just be saying take it easy.  Whatever my body says goes.  And I'm going to take that in stride, keep getting good training in and focus on the 5k next weekend at Nebraska.

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