Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spike Review: Nike Zoom Mamba 2

Nike's newest edition to its spike line is the Zoom Mamba 2.  The Mamba 2 is an update to the Mamba but it doesn't have too many updates.  I won't go into too much detail on other factors because the spike is so similar to its predecessor.  However, I loved the Mamba so I like this spike even more.  The main update to this spike is the upper.  The upper on the Mamba 2 is much lighter, softer, and better fitting than the Mamba.  I liked the mesh upper of the original Mamba but this new mesh is so much better.  The Mamba 2's upper feels better than any upper I have ever felt.  I personally am not a fan of the flywire and plastic-like feel of the Victory and Matumbo.  The Mamba 2 has the same sole and spike plate as the original.  The spike plate is still hard and plastic so it may not be best for harder tracks and cross country.  The Mamba 2 will become Nike's go-to steeple spike in the spring.  It will also serve as a nice mid-distance and sometimes distance spike.  It will most likely remain behind the Zoom Victory and Zoom Matumbo in popularity.  Last but certainly not least, the colorway is legit!

This spike was last seen on the feet of Hassan Mead winning the Jack Johnson Open 3k.

Weight: 3.9 oz
Release Date: Jan 1st
MSRP: $115

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