Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Summit League Indoor Preview- Men's Field

This is installment 2 of my Summit League Indoor Preview.  Today's events will be the Men's Field events and possibly the overall team scores.  Again, I hope these to be as unbiased and accurate as possible.  I did mess up one of the men's track events and I forgot the DMR so if you think I forgot a serious contender or something, let me know.  Again, I'm going to add the disclaimer; if you think you are better than I put you then prove it, don't whine about it!  Enjoy!

High Jump
1. Jamario Taylor, WIU
2. Daney Nelson, SUU
3. Jared Vlastuin, SDSU
4. Michael Crabtree, WIU
5. Wade Nielson, SUU
6. Drew Iddings, USD
7. Weston Leutz, NDSU
8. Adam Mikkelson, USD

 Pole Vault
1. Jack Whitt, ORU
2. Jesse Morrow, NDSU
3. Joe Bredahl, NDSU
4. Dustin Gehrke, ORU
5. Andy Lillejord, NDSU
6. Kyle Ballew, USD
7. Calvin Cammack, SDSU
8. Nolan Berg, NDSU

 Long Jump
1. Clive Chafausipo, ORU
2. Jared Vlastuin, SDSU
3. Kyle Kopp, SUU
4. Andy Lillejord, NDSU
5. Dontay Taylor, UMKC
6. Lee Dhein, NDSU
7. DC Okonta, UMKC
8. Davin Dollison, WIU

Triple Jump
1. DC Okonta, UMKC
2. Tim Jones II, ORU
3. Davin Dollison, WIU
4. Gavin Cordell, SDSU
5. Jared Vlastuin, SDSU
6. Dontay Taylor, UMKC
7. Nick Williams, NDSU
8. Jeff O'Connell, USD

Shot Put
1. Kyle McKelvey, USD
2. Jason Crisman, WIU
3. Chris Johnson, SUU
4. Cody Snyder, USD
5. Ramon Nelson, UMKC
6. Andrew Stebbins, OU
7. Casey Orgon, NDSU
8. Paul Hames, WIU

Weight Throw
1. Nathaniel Marshall, WIU
2. Paul Hames, WIU
3. Casey Orgon, NDSU
4. Ramon Nelson, UMKC
5. Jake Brinkmann, SDSU
6. Ryan Ackman, SDSU
7. Jason Crisman, WIU
8. Kris Levrette, UMKC

1. Andy Lillejord, NDSU
2. Weston Leutz, NDSU
3. Brett Springall, SUU
4. Beau Gagnon, NDSU
5. Ryan Jenson, NDSU
6. Mike Bredeson, SDSU
7. Ryan Balzer, OU
8. Bennett Mercil, SDSU

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