Sunday, January 15, 2012

Summit League Indoors

Over the next few days I will be making predictions for the Summit League Indoor Conference Championship to be held February 23rd-25th in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  It is my intent to make these as accurate and unbiased as possible.  In some situations runners may appear to be equal but there are no ties in track and field!  It will also be hard to tell where freshmen will fall.  If you think you will place higher prove me wrong in February, don't whine or hold a grudge now!  Enjoy!

To begin I will start with the Men's Running events.  Men's Field, Women's Running, and Women's Field are to follow.  At the end I will compile team scores.

Men's 60m Dash
1. Donte Smart, NDSU
2. Michael Burrus, USD
3. Jeremy Blount, USD
4. Dontay Taylor, UMKC
5. Boyea Lockett, ORU
6. Preston Myers, SUU
7. Andy Lillejord, NDSU
8. Nathan Mattson, NDSU

Newcomer South Dakota brings some great sprinters into the mix.  As far as I can tell, Kevin Jackson won't be competing for the Bison this spring.

Men's 200m Dash
1. Brandon Williams, ORU
2. Boyea Lockett, ORU
3. Jeffrey Gibson, ORU
4. Donte Smart, NDSU
5. Zuva Bvekerwa, ORU
6. Clive Chaufausipo, ORU
7. Preston Myers, SUU
8. Jeramy Roberts, ORU

ORU extends their dominance in the sprints with the additions of Boyea Lockett and Zuva.

Men's 400m Dash
1. Jeffrey Gibson, ORU
2. Brandon Williams, ORU
3. Michael Roberts, ORU
4. Jeramy Roberts, ORU
5. Redell Frazier, UMKC
6. John Bradford, ORU
7. Douglass Parker, ORU
8. Kyle Wilson, OU

You may be able to predict the 4x4 favorite as well.

Men's 800m Run
1. Jake Schneller, SDSU
2. Casey Shade, USD
3. Cam Levins, SUU
4. Moses Heppner, NDSU
5. Dom Thielen, SDSU
6. Alec Espeland, NDSU
7. Tyler Banks, ORU
8.Michael Roberts, ORU

Cam has run an adjusted 1:50 already but he should be tired by this race.

Men's Mile Run
1. Cam Levins, SUU
2. Travis Fitzke, NDSU
3. Mike Krsnak, SDSU
4. Austin West, SUU
5. Moses Heppner, NDSU
6. Alec Espeland, NDSU
7. Greg Vollmer, SDSU
8. Dave Magnotte, OU

Cam has run sub-4.  It should be a great race for the rest of the places in a tactical setting.

Men's 3000m Run
1. Cam Levins, SUU
2. Cosmas Ayabei, UMKC
3. Mike Krsnak, SDSU
4. Travis Fitzke, NDSU
5. Jeffrey Mettler, USD
6. Austin West, SUU
7. Nate Jewkes, SUU
8. Trent Lusignan, SDSU

Similar to the mile.  Last year's race was one of the best I've seen and adding USD, Cam, and Freshmen into the mix will make it more interesting!

Men's 5000
1. Cosmas Ayabei, UMKC
2. Mike Krsnak, SDSU
3. Nate Jewkes, SUU
4. Jeffrey Mettler, USD
5. Zack Mathias, UMKC
6. Clinton Rhoton, SUU
7. Trent Lusignan, SDSU
8. Austin West, SUU

The last of the distance races where everyone is tired and tactics come into play as much as ever!

Men's 60m Hurdles
1. Matt Tetzlaff, NDSU
2. Brandon Priebe, SDSU
3. Weston Leutz, NDSU
4. Kodai Kusano, SUU
5. Kristen Hepburn, UMKC
6. Jonathan Reed, ORU
7. Matt Dunbar, SDSU
8. Niklas Rippon, OU

An unpredictable race where anything can happen!

Men's 4x4
1. ORU
4. USD
5. SUU
7. OU
8. WIU

Men's DMR
2. SUU
4. USD
7. OU
8. ORU
9. WIU


Anonymous said...

Donte Smart will also run the 200 or the 400. Casey Shade should be a major player or even the favorite in the 800 based on past & early season performances.

Kyle Schmidt said...


Smart is listed in the 200. I'll wait until he proves himself to include him in the 400, the conference is fairly deep in that event. Thank you for pointing out Shade, that is a glaring omission. I keep forgetting about those new 'yotes!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what happened to Kevin Jackson of NDSU this year? Why he is not running?...

Kyle Schmidt said...

I believe he was ruled academically ineligible after last school year. They were also unfortunate to lose Donte Smart to a concussion just before the conference meet.