Monday, January 16, 2012


Today we had a workout which could have been rather difficult.  It involved running around our funny shaped track at high speeds twice, then stopping, jogging around a little, and repeating.  I was very impressed with the group of guys that I had the pleasure of working out with today.  We rotated who was pacing the interval.  We helped each other through the workout instead of racing each other and beating each other down.  We gave words of encouragement and high fives after pretty much every single interval.  We hit our times, or better, and best of all; we felt good and confident doing so.  I was quite surprised at how well-oiled and efficient our team seemed today.  Our group was varied and included a new transfer, a freshmen who is new to the "D", an alumnus, as well as other more established members of the team.  It was fun to see what my teammates hard work has resulted in last weekend at USD and it will be fun to see this weekend at the U of M and beyond.  I am excited to see what we can accomplish together this track and field season.  Team, that's what it's all about.

Also, I want to do a shout-out after every track meet we have this season.  The shout-out will go out to a person who achieved a PR, showed strength, integrity, or sportsmanship, or did something unbelievable.  Anyway, this shout-out, after the USD meet goes out to Drew Kraft.  Drew had never ran a 3k before this past weekend, unless it was over barriers, and he was very successful.  Drew ran 8:54 and was only beaten by 3 great runners.  The runner immediately ahead of him was a DII All-American this past fall.  He also beat runners who had been far ahead of him just months ago.  Great job Drew!


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John Franzen said...

Big ups to Drew Kraft! Heck of a race...yet I'm not surprised. Keep up the good teamwork fellas, lots of great things to come this season.