Saturday, February 18, 2012

Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 Review

This is by no means a new shoe but I am taking every chance I get to review shoes so that when I do get the new release shoes I will have more practice to give them a solid review.  Like other shoes that I have acquired recently, I got a sweet deal on these.  I wouldn't usually buy trail shoes seeing as I live in Eastern South Dakota and trails are not all that common around here but- they were an awesome deal and looked great.

Weight: 11.2 oz
Retail Price: $85
Heel Drop: 8mm

Feel: These shoes feel surprisingly light at first feel.  They only weigh in at 11.2 oz which is pretty average for a trainer.  They look much heavier with plenty of grip on the bottom and a sturdy well-constructed upper.  The shoes are a little stiff for my taste seeing as I am typically a Nike Free wearer but that is to be expected in a trail shoe.  I would rather have a stiff shoe then a bruised foot from a giant rock!  A suggestion I would have to Asics would be to make a slightly more minimal trail shoe.  It seems that all of the ones they have are bigger and heavier.  They could probably get away with a thinner midsole, lower heel drop, not as much grip, and a different rock plate.  I haven't had the opportunity to roll my ankle in these shoes yet but it feels like they would be fairly effective and stabilizing the ankle and protecting it from a major sprain.

*I would buy these shoes in a half size up.  10.5 is my typical size and this shoe is a snug fit when it usually is a more relaxed fit at that size.  I would also beware of the toe box- it isn't very accommodating to wide feet so make sure you try these shoes on before buying.

Looks: I really like the looks of these shoes and most Asics trail shoes in general.  The grips not only look sweet but they are very functional.  As you can tell in the picture, they provide traction in all directions.  I also am a big fan of the colorway.  My home high school is the Hutchinson Tigers and these shoes are perfect!  I also really like mid-soles that are not white, black, or gray.  The yellow foam is a nice touch there.

Durability: I think these shoes will last me a very long time, especially due to the fact that I don't run trails very often. The sole is very thick and grippy, I think the mid-sole and upper would wear out long before the grips.

Uses: This is a trail shoe at heart but it can be used for other things too.  If this winter were more snowy and icy I would certainly take them out on morning runs to provide more traction.  I feel they would be especially effective on packed snow.  Like all good trail shoes, these shoes protect your feet pretty well.  They have a fairly sturdy toe so that one stride when you don't get as much leg lift as usual (it happens to everybody) you don't have to break a toe.  The laces and lace loops look pretty rugged and well designed so they shouldn't fall apart or come untied until you want them to.

Other Thoughts:
-Rocks could get stuck in the holes that run from the arch almost to the toe but I haven't had an issue with that.
-Overall, I like these shoes and am excited for more trail running opportunities to use them!

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