Monday, March 12, 2012

Skechers GoRun: First Impressions

I just got my Skechers GoRuns in the mail today.  Here are my first impressions:

1. They come with extra laces, nice touch.

2. That bag thing that is also in there is weird.

3. I like the information packet that comes with them.  It classifies them between a "Extreme Barefoot Shoe" and a "Traditional Shoe".  I think that most of my training shoes fall in that range.  It also says the GoRuns have a heel drop of 4mm.  One thing that bothers me about the packet is the cover.  The female model appears to be greatly overstriding and therefore setting herself up for a big heel strike, something the packet later condemns.

4. They are really light.  Even lighter than my frees by a few ounces.

5. Are they going to be durable?  The foam doesn't seem like it will last that long and the upper has to be somewhat compromising for being that light.  More to come in the review later.

6. They look pretty good.  The sides with the logos are pretty tacky.  I got the orange and gray color above.

7. Skechers could make it in the running shoe industry but they should probably get more models of shoes.  A racer like Meb's would be legit.

8. They feel weird walking but pretty good when running with the proper stride.

9. I am going to try with and without socks.

Look for a full review after I have taken these shoes out for a few runs!  I am impressed so far but I still have some doubts that will have to be debunked on the roads.


Elderbush said...

I run them now for over 500km and I really love those shoes

Kyle Schmidt said...

Are they holding up alright? Mine have visible wear after only 2 runs.

Elderbush said...

No they are all right ... I saw in many Blogs, that the quality should not be the best ... maybe we have different materieals here in Germany cause the shoe looks like at the fist day