Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekly Training Recap: Feb. 25th-March 3rd

25th- 6 miles fairly easy, had a little tightness in the hip/butt.  Got some good myrtle in afterwords.

26th- 2 miles.  It was snowing with big drifts over sidewalks and roads.  Winds were in excess of 35 mph.  Ran back to the house and got the xc skis from the car and skied to the park and skied for awhile until it got too cold.  Got a decent aerobic and upper body workout in.  Am quite a bit behind on the weekly miles now.

27th- Only ran 5 today due to time constraints.  However, it was  a great 5.  I felt good, no pains, a little extra bounce in the step.  I have some work to do to reach my weekly goal of 54 because I only have 13 after today.  I expect a couple doubles on Thursday, a longer run or workout on Friday, a long run Sunday morning and whatever is left over on Saturday.

28th- Ran 6 in the morning.  Had a little bit of the butt/hip tightness again and it was cold out.  I do love Wyoming sunrises and sunsets so much more than anywhere else I've ever lived.  It is a joy to see the light peeking over the mountains to the east and illuminating the mountains to the west.  That, if not anything else, will get me out of bed on these cold winter mornings.  I am prepared for a double today, it is much easier to run doubles while working 8s instead of 10s.  Up to 19/54 on the week after the morning.

28th (PM)- Ran another 6.  Felt good again.  Not overly tight or anything.  Got some decent stretching in.  Didn't help the weight by eating a Qdoba burrito afterwards but have been under or at 160 for a few days.  Now up to 25/54 for the week with 3 days remaining.  Alex and I all but decided to entra an ultra-marathon at the end of April (27th).  We will be running the Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race.  It is a 50k in Cheyenne Mountain State Park near Colorado Springs, CO.  It is run completely on trails and appears to have an elevation gain of around 4000 feet total.  The course description describes it as slightly technical.  The elevation is 6000 to 6800 feet so that shouldn't be a problem as I train at a minimum of 7100 currently.  I am not sure how this will affect my Deadwood aspirations but I have awhile to decide.  All the great Ultra guys run races close to each other so I should be able to as well!  I am hoping to get out to Happy Jack for some trail runs before this race but we will see how the snow melt is going.

1st- Ran an easy 5 with Danielle.  I had wanted to get at least 8 in but the pesky wind just sapped my motivation.  30 miles on the week.

2nd- Ran 3 with Danielle before she left for her field trip.  Then packed up and drove out to the Snowy Mountain Range.  I began with some backcountry snowshoeing.  I did that for about 2 hours and probably went less than 4 miles.  I measured the snow to be 7 feet deep at some points.  After that I put my running shoes on and ran 17 minutes of warm up then 1,2,3,4,5,5 minutes intervals up the hill with an equal rest jog back down.  With a cool down the run ended up being nearly 70 minutes.  Due to the fact that it was at 10,000 feet altitude and lots of up hill, I will call it 9 miles.  After that run I ate a little bit and went out for more snowshoeing.  This time it was about 7 miles on more developed trails so I wasn't doing as much work.  42/54 on the week with 14 miles planned for tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be great!

3rd- Got up early after a late night hanging out with The Tinder Box after their show.  Ran the mile to Alex's with Danielle then another 10 minutes before Danielle turned off.  Alex and I headed out Northwest of town to try out a gravel road recommended by the High Plains Harriers.  Winds were in excess of 30 mph and we ran straight into them for awhile.  That made for a decent negative split on the way back in.  I took down a Chia Surge Gel at 60 minutes.  I felt good and energized with that in me.  It was my second time using Chia Surge and I liked both flavors.  I will probably use that in the Ultra coming up next month.  After dropping Alex off, I continued for another 4+ miles picking up the pace and pushing my current fitness boundaries.  I don't have the motivation to do a lot of workouts so I need to get the legs moving on runs here and there.  I felt very strong and am excited going into the next couple months of training.  The run totalled 14 and brings me to 56 on the week.

Weekly goal- 54, actual- 56 miles
Long run goal- 14, actual-14
Pushups goal-900, actual
Weight goal-under 160, made it!

Goals and expectations for March 4th-10th:
Total miles- 62+, with Lars, Big-T, and Blu coming out it will be hard to be under my goal unless I really botch the first couple days of the week.  I only had 13 miles through 3 days last time and still reached my goal.
Long run- 16 miles, I felt great through 14 and don't want 50k to be too much of a shock.
Push-ups- I just want to get a bunch in, not exactly shooting for a certain number this week.
Weight- I am consistently under 160.  I just want to continue to lose a pound or two per week until I feel that I am at my optimal weight.  Somewhere around 150-152 most likely.

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