Saturday, January 14, 2012

Full Results/Let's See How I Did

Today was the greatest US Marathon ever in terms of depth.  Four men went sub 2:10 with two of them setting Personal Bests.  The race was full of surprises as usual.  Here are my thoughts on the race.
My Picks:
+1 1. Ryan Hall- I really thought there was no way Ryan was going to lose this race.  I think even he might have over-looked his competition.  Let's hope he is prepared for the Olympic Marathon.
-1 2. Meb Keflezighi- Meb is 36, should be past his prime, ran a marathon just over two months ago, got a nasty, disgusting, painful foot infection during that marathon, and had to run the race in Skechers.  How did he win?  I don't know.
(DNS) 3. Galen Rupp- Rupp didn't start so he can try to medal in the 10k.  Good plan.
(DNF) 4. Mo Trafeh- Mo is skilled but dropped out once he realized that he wasn't going to qualify.  Look for him in 2016!
-1 5. Dathan Ritzenhein- Dathan ran a strong race and is the fastest non-qualifier ever.  If the Black Cactus hadn't ran so well he would have been in.  This race shows how talented Dathan is to comeback from surgery and injuries and still run a PR.
-1 6. Brett Gotcher- Brett ran a conservative race and while not qualifying still ran well.
+1 7. Nick Arciniaga- Like his teammate, he didn't put it all out on the line but still a solid effort.
+24 8. Jason Hartmann- Hartmann bombed and ran about 5 minutes slower than he should have.  My guess is that he went for it and fell back.  We'll have to see in the NBC coverage.
(DNS) 9. Ed Moran led us to believe he was going to delay his honeymoon to run but apparently his wife couldn't wait.
+8 10. Jason Lehmkuhle- Jason didn't run horribly but it was far from his best race.
 -t10. Fernando Cabada- Cabada had a great race.  He said he might run 2:08 in a pre-race interview.
(DNS) t10. Brent Vaughan and Tim Nelson- These track guys are apparently not ready to step up to the marathon.
Possible Contenders. Abdi "Black Cactus"  had the race of his life!  He seemed to know something that nobody else did.
Josh Moen: DNF, must not have had the help of Greg Beesley today.

I didn't pick and should have: 6. Andrew Carlson! 9. James Carney 10. Jimmy Grabow

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