Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olympic Trials Results

It was an exciting morning in Houston!

Meb runs strong for the win in a 3 second PR of 2:09:10. (My Pick: 2nd)

Hall qualifies 2nd. He was the favorite by almost everybody. (My Pick: 1st)

Abdi, the Black Cactus, Surprises everyone! (My Pick: New Contenders)

Dathan, almost qualifies, 8 seconds behind Abdi. (My Pick: 5th)


Shalane runs away in the finishing miles!  (My Pick: 2)

Desi hangs on for second after leading about 20 miles during race. (My Pick: 1st)

Kara runs an emotional 3rd place to qualify! (My Pick: 3rd)

Amy Hastings runs one of the faster non-qualifying times ever. (My Pick: 4th)

More race recap to follow!

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