Sunday, January 8, 2012

Updated Marathon Predictions!

Alberto Saladbar, as Rod DeHaven (who happens to be 3-0 against him) would call him, has made it public that Galen Rupp will not be competing in the Olympic Trials Marathon this upcoming weekend.  Saladbar says that Rupp needs to work on his speed more than his marathon endurance for his best chance to medal in London.  Last year Galen was the 4th fastest in the world over 10,000 meters with his AR of 26:48.00.

So, now that Galen is out, who is in?  Mo Trafeh is my new pick for finishing third in the Trials and earning that last Olympic spot.  Also, I have picked three men in a tie for the 10th position.  Two of them are teammates on the highest profile Track Club in the United States.  The other is an American Record holder in an obscure event and is a definite darkhorse.

t10. Fernando Cabada.  Fernando is the American record holder over 25km, holder of a 2:12 PR from 6 years ago, 2008 US Marathon Champion, and he has been running well lately.  Fernando has made it clear that his goal is to finish in the top-3.  In an interview from fellow blogger "Writing About Running", Cabada says "If I was to run a 2:08 on January 14th, that would't surprise me. I've been due for a performance like that. It's on and I'm ready for any kind of race."

t10. Tim Nelson, Oregon Track Club.  Nelson ran for the Badgers as a collegiate and followed coach Jerry Schumacher out to Oregon to join him at the Oregon Track Club.  Nelson has been successful on the track in the last few years with PRs of 13:24 and 27:28.  He has qualified for National teams in Outdoor track and  Cross Country.

t10. Brent Vaughn, Oregon Track Club.  Brent, the University of Colorado school record holder in the 5k, recently moved to Eugene in hopes of improving his running career.  He has begun training with Nelson, Chris Solinsky, Simon Bairu, and Matt Tegenkamp.  Brent, like Nelson, will be making his marathon debut this weekend and is certainly a darkhorse to qualify.

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