Friday, January 13, 2012

New Trials Contenders Emerge!

The first of my new contenders for a trials berth is Abdi Abdirahman, also known as the "Black Cactus".  How can you not pick a guy with a nickname like that?  Other than his nickname, this guy has some credentials.  As the picture states he is a 4 time US 10k champ, and a 3 time Olympian.  His 10k PR is 27:16 which still ranks pretty high on that list and is tops in this race.  Abdi hasn't done much since the 2008 season but he's still running and you can never count out a guy who has run that fast.

My second contender is Josh Moen.  Josh is being picked for different reasons.  The main one is that Josh has a stunt double!  Meet Greg Beesley, 2010 Summit League 5k Champion, of South Dakota State University.  Greg and Josh look fairly similar and with a little make-up and hair work they should be nearly identical.  However, the most convincing part of this stunt is their running form!  Here is a video of Josh, and here is a video of Greg.  Keep a careful eye out for the wonderful pacing in that second video.  If anybody needs a rabbit for a 14:40ish 5k race, I'm your man.  Anyway, back to Greg and Josh.  I imagine certain parts of the racecourse are going to be a little more remote than others.  This is where Greg will hop in for Josh and run a mile here, a mile there and Josh will rest up.  I've even heard that Greg might run the first 10k so Josh only has to run 20 miles!

My final contender of the day is my obligatory, everybody else is doing it/I don't want to look really stupid when he qualfies/Brian Sell of 2012, etc., is Mike Morgan of Brooks Hansons!  Those guys are always geared up when it counts!

Warning: Only the first half of this blog is serious and as far as I know Josh Moen has no plans on cheating tomorrow.  Best of luck to Abdi, Josh, Mike, and the rest of the competitors tomorrow!

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