Saturday, January 14, 2012

Women's Predictions- How did I do?

The women's race was just as exciting as the men's!  Let's see how off my predictions were!

+1 1. Desi Davila- It was a toss up and I picked the wrong one.
-1 2. Shalane
Right on! 3. Kara
Right on! 4. Amy Hastings
+5 5. Magda- not her best race but not horrible either.  Magda is very consistent!
Right on! 6. Deena
+57 7. Jen Rhines- I went for an upset and it went bad
+3 8. Katie McGregor- This pick was more of an "i want you to run well" pick than an "i think you will run well" pick but she still was pretty close
DNF 9. Steph Rothstein
-1 10. Dot McMahan- Those consistent Brooks Hansons runners!

I didn't pick and finished well; 5. JCB 7. Clare Grandt 8. Alissa McKaig

I am proud of these picks.  Yea Jen didn't run the best and Steph didn't finish but 3 Perfect and 3 just one spot away.

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