Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gear Review: Nike Element Shield Tights

Nike Element Thermal Men's Running Tights

I picked up a pair of Nike Element Shield Tights at the beginning of winter thinking that I would be able to run in all conditions!  However, at the time it was a very nice and mild winter and I needed a real winter day or two to remind me how much I hate winter no matter how warm my legs might be. Anyway, I wanted to give these tights a review.  They retail at $90 which is kind of spendy for tights.  However, these aren't any ordinary tights.  They are wind and water resistant and triple layered in key areas to keep you warm.  I was really excited to wear these tights when I got them so I tried them out the next day.  It was about 25 degrees and not overly windy.  It was a big mistake!  I was sweating about a mile or two in and it only got worse.  These tights are designed for much colder temperatures or running in windy conditions.  I will let you know that the water-resistant feature is useless because if the temperature is anywhere near high enough for water to be, you know, not frozen, then these tights are way too hot!  The next time I tried these tights out it was colder, around 0 F with a few mile per hour wind.  I enjoyed the warmth of the tights but after a time, they got too warm.  I haven't really tried these tights on a day that it would be cold enough.  The main reason is I am a wimp and like to not be frozen.  If it reaches a temperature that these tights become useful then you should worry about other things, like losing your nose, or having your eye-lids frozen together, or having your lungs scarred by cold air (that doesn't actually happen).  Anyway, what I am trying to say is... These tights go overboard.  They are just too warm.  Stick with the Nike Element Thermal tights.  They are only 75 dollars, are still plenty warm, and don't have the windproof lining which is quite limiting in my opinion.

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