Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Recent Training

Today was an interesting day.  Actually, I will start with last night.  I finally got around to checking my e-mail at 11:30 P.M.  My coach, Rod, had sent a workout e-mail detailing the times and contents of today's workouts.  Until then, I had not thought about how my 2-4:50 GIS 3 class might affect my workout schedule.  Especially if we were going outside.  I quickly e-mailed Rod about my predicament and awaited a response this morning.  My class schedule this morning essentially requires me to run in the morning as I have Fitness Through Walking and Jogging in the morning.  Now, I am not a walker.  I don't know what it is about walking but it is not fun.  I go to great lengths to make sure that I don't have to walk all the way from my house to class and walking when you have the option to run sounds so much worse than that!  Especially if the goal is fitness as the class title states.  Yes walking is good for you.  But running is great for you.  Anyway... back to the workout...

I finished my morning run at 9:36, approximately 5 miles after my class which started at 9.  When I was coming up the steps to the HPER I saw Rod.  He had just e-mailed me and was wondering how my daily schedule looked.  My only break was from noon until 2.   It was decided, I would workout at 2.  Just over 2 hours after my morning run.  I was concerned.  My left hamstring was tight during my morning run, presumably from running in less than ideal slushy conditions the previous day.  Also, due to my morning run, I hadn't eaten breakfast.  I didn't like the idea of running a morning run and a workout on an empty stomach.  I quickly went home and downed some enchilada soup and dried fruit.  Not much, but hopefully enough to get me through the workout without getting sick.  I went to my next class, Coaching Track and Field/Cross Country, and listened to a brilliant lecture on the 400 meters. After that, I walked up to Rod's office, awaiting the punishing workout under unusual circumstances.  We got into his car, examined the blowing trees and grasses and began the journey out of town.  The trip seemed like an eternity and I was given a brief rundown of the workout and left to fend for myself.  At first, I thought we had done a poor job on guessing the wind direction, I was cold.  I soon warmed up and was into the workout.  It was a number of timed, effort based intervals that would span over 12 miles.  I cruised through the workout, feeling surprisingly good, finishing in under 69 minutes.

After the workout, I quickly changed and walked to the union.  I ordered my food and to this moment, I'm not sure if I paid for it or not.  I was in such a haze after that long and hard of an effort that I was nearly sleep-walking.  I also had to make it to class, which I was late for.  I eventually got to class and completed my work.  Now I sit in the library, typing this story for you, thinking of my next step.  I think I will go for another run.  My calves are a little tight as I had literally no time to stretch them after the workout.  My run will be slow, just a jog, and it probably won't be very long either.  5 miles at most.  Unlike most running, which breaks you down, this run will build me up and help me recover.  I am a big believer in active recovery.  Running increases the blood flow to your legs allowing them to recover from long and hard efforts faster.  I am no physiologist, but I am a runner and I do like to experiment.  I have found that this type of training is effective for me.  Like always, I stress that you find what works for you as a runner.  What works for me may or may not work for you.  Thanks for reading and clicking to support my blogging habits!


I Pull 400 Watts said...

Good comment about active recovery increasing blood flow, and thus recovery. Interestingly that is the same reason an ice bath increases recovery too.

Kyle Schmidt said...

Except I enjoy running and not ice baths haha. Thanks for the comment Kyle!