Monday, January 30, 2012

TFRRS Altitude Conversions

TFRRS altitude conversions are crap.  Diego Estrada ran 4:04 for the Mile, not 3:55.  Last year, Patrick Casey ran 3:59 at home and they gave him a 3:54.  What was his best time in the Mile or 1500 that whole year?  It was 3:59.  A guy who was born at altitude, lives at altitude, trains at altitude, works out at altitude is going to handle altitude just fine.  Altitude is his life!  I could see if they were to give a guy like me an altitude conversion if I were to run at Flagstaff (6800 ft).  Because I was born at 1200 feet, lived at 1100 feet for a long time and currently train and workout at 1600 feet.  I think it is stupid that those guys can run at altitude and get crazy conversions.  Diego Estrada is a 3:59 guy, not a solo 3:55 guy.  Lawi Lalang is a solo 3:55 guy.  Their altitude conversions are like saying that Diego = Lawi at the Mile.  Diego doesn't equal Lawi at any distance!  If those altitude guys want to get to nationals make them come to sea level and run the same altitude as everybody else. Altitude conversions are overrated.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever run at altitude? Maybe 9 seconds is a little generous, but some conversion is needed.

Kyle Schmidt said...


I now live at 7200' and run almost daily. I fully respect altitude but these guys running mid-distance races when they live at altitude is crap. Both of my examples proved my point well.