Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bring Back the Mile!

Recently there has been a campaign among collegiate track coaches to "Bring Back the Mile".  These coaches want American High Schoolers to run the Mile instead of the 1600, it's only 9 meters different.  And if they're doing that, they might was well run the two-mile instead of the 3200 meters.  The coaches also want the NCAA runners to run the mile instead of the 1500 during the outdoor season.  Their main reason is that they want an increased exposure for the sport of track and field among the American public.  What sounds better to you, a 4:00 mile or its approximate equivalent, a 3:43 1500?  The mile is steeped in American tradition and the 1500, well, who wants to run 3 and 3/4 laps.  4 whole laps is way cooler.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I support the "Bring Back the Mile" movement and so should you.  Thanks for reading and clicking!

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